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Parvarish 2 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surinder and Simran are shocked to see each other after many years and start fighting. Everyone are shocked seeing them fisting each other. They then hug each other and laugh emotionally. Everyone ask what is happening. They both say they are childhood friends from shool days. Priya asks Surinder if she will complain against her to mom now. Surinder nods no. Kulvinder says Surinder let us go now everyone are tired after traveling. Simran invites Surinder to her house tonight. Both friends then disperse smiling at each other.

At Simran’s home, Ria says she is going for a movie with her friends. Simran denies permission. Her husband enters and handles situation.

Jassi cries reminiscing railway station incident and Kulvinder scolding her. Surinder sees her looking at

Kulvinder and says her papaji loves her a lot and is worried for her and reminisces her childhood incident when she learnt walking first and Kulvinder was worried for her safety. She encourages her that she should become tigress like other girls of Delhi. Jassi hugs her.

Simran scolds Ria continuously. Her husband signals daughter to apologize mom. Ria apologizes Simran and Simran forgives and hugs her.

Kulvinder asks Surinder if they have to really go to Simran’s house today, what will her husband say. Surinde says she knows Simran’s husband, he is also from pind and was kinda jolly boy, but today Simran’s life has changed with servants, cars, etc.. Kulvinder says even then he wants to be in limits and not dream high. Surinder says his simplicity attracts her.

Simran forces Ria to wear traditional attire to impress Surinder’s family and Surinder forces Jassi to wear torn jeans and top to impress Simran’s family. Jassi gets embarraassed wearing torn jeans, hiding exposed parts and asks if she can wear normal shalwar kameez. Simran says it is common in Delhi.

Surinder with Jogi and Kulvinder reaches Simran’s house and gifts her amritsar’s peni. Simran greets them and asks where are other family members. Jogi says he and mummy/papa are punctual and others a bit lazy. Simran’s husband greets them. Jassi enters wearing torn jeans with dada/dadi. Kulvinder fumes seeing that and scolds Surinder that he will not let her force Jassi to change. Ria goes and changes to her usual jeans and top on her father’s permission. Simran sees Jassi uncomfortable and asks reason. Jassi says she is soffocating in western dress and wore it on mama’s order. Surinder says she wanted to match her to Delhi culture. Simran makes Jassi sit. Daadi jokes that both children are exchanged by mistake, Jassi should be with Simran and Ria with Surinder. Surinder says she likes Ria a lot. Their ghushup continues.

Precap: Simran tells Surinder about a prestigious school and Ria studying there. Surinder says she wants Jassi’s admission there.

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