Parvarish 2 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mona warns Simran to ask Dr. Raj to come here if she wants Ria safe. Adi hiddes under barricade and hears Sumedh ordering to find Adi, Ria, and Jassi soon. He comes out and goon catches him.

Raj takes Suri and Kulvinder to his clinic and is about to give injection to Suri when she wakes up and starts acting. Sumedh’s nurse watches their drama. Simran calls her and tells Mona is not feeling well and he should come home soon. Suri reminisces all the incidents and realizes whole kidnapping plan.

Ria and Jassi plan how to save Jassi. Adi comes there and says they all 3 will teach Sumedh a lesson. Ria reminisces Jogi helping her and his jokergiri, smiles and thinks she has to save Jogi.

Sumedhs’ fake nurse prepares poison injection for minister and gives it to Raj and says there is no need to check. Raj says he has to as minister is very powerful man. Suri and Kulvinder enter as muslim couple and start drama. Kulvinder takes nurse out acting that nobody can see his wife’s face. Raj takes Suri for examination. Suri opens her burga veil and says Ria is kidnapped and tries to tell whole story. Fake nurse enters forcefully and asks who are they, why are they wearing sikh kada. They says they also wear sikh kada. She gets call. Suri holds he and Kulvinder speaks in girl’s voice. Suri asks nurse what is her plan. Nurse says if minister is not killed, along with Ria, Jassi and Jogi will also be killed.

Jassi, Ria and Adi plan something to tackle Sumedh. Sumedh’s goons throw Jogi on floor after severely torturing him. Sumedh says they have to kidnap Ria and Jassi before Raj gives injection to minister.

Precap: Suri informs Raj that kidnappers exchanged minister’s injection via Suri and he ahs to be careful. Raj while giving injection to minister thinks he can do anything to save minister.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. so raj will kill minister

    1. mayberaj and minister will do acting maybe both of them will become a team and fool the terrorists just like what the kids are doing finger crossed in all this drama today where is amy abhid i hope they getan idea that theyre in danger tooo

  2. even im thinking the same, afterall all will end well
    Btw why are they ignoring Amy and Abhid? Poor guys are lost in the jungle for days

    1. dont know about amy abhid the last gtime they were shown amy was fighting with jassi while abhid became sandwhich between jassi and amy fight .
      amy is really mean shes soo jealous of jassi amy is totally insecure
      when jhonty and jassi were in the same team
      when rahul was giving extra attention to jassi
      but did you notice amy and aditya have the same surname lol kapoor

  3. Nice to see Jassi Aditya and Ria form a team to finish Sumed
    Sumed to bahot kamina nikla, he is ready to kill the students

  4. Precrap is wrong, I think he said he can do anything to save Ria

  5. adi n jassi really looks soo gd wid each other.jassi n adi,jogi n ria mast couple

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