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Parvarish 2 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Adi tries to get intimate Ria to distract her attention and tries to kiss her. She says she is not yet ready for that. He says she trusts everyone except her and says he ahs to rethink about their relationship. Ria says no. He walks acting as angry but smirks.

All students gather in exam hall. Ankita happily sits on her chair looking at her fixed anser sheet under table. Coach says there is a twist and exchanges students’ seats. Ankita gets tensed. Jassi says she needs writer. Coach says writer is coming. Jogi asks Jassi not to get tensed. Meenu enters smirking. Jassi and Jogi get tensed and Ankita smirks thinking what if she cannot write well, her friend will make sure Jassi is out of SOTY. Coach gives question sheets. Adi says this is his set question paper for his paired student. Coach says she told to set questions for friend, so they are bestfriend of themselves. Adi gets tensed that he set tough questions for Jassi but fell in his own trap.

Jassi asks Meenu to start writing. Meenu says she needs warmup and wastes time. Jassi asks to hurry up, but Meenu drops pen repeatedly down and continues wasting time. Coach watches Meenu’s drama. After 1 hour, coach says if Meenu writes slowly, Ankita will be out of exam. Ankita asks why. Coach says Meenu is Ankita’s friend and will try to mess up. Meenu writes fast making weird faces.

Kulvinder reminisces acting as clown for money and gets sad. Surinder sees him sad and tries to cheer him up.

After exam, coach gives marks to students and says Ria is in 3rd position, Rahul in 2nd position, and Amy in 1st position. Jassi gets sad. Coach then says if she takes team marks, positions change. She says tells positions.

Surinder tells Kulvinder that they will change their children to govt school. she gets a call and tells Kulvinder that they don’t have to worry now as Jassi came 1st in SOTY exam. Jogi dances hearing his sister came 1st. Ria feels jealous. All students congratulate Jassi. Jogi gathers students and starts dancing.

Precap: Raj tells Ria that she will not use water colors for holi. Kulvinder tells Jogi same.

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  1. Jassi came 1st; for once why not jogi?

    1. Because Jassi is the main person who is competing with ria?

  2. loved rahul jassi scene
    amy is surely upto something
    excited for the holi track next

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