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Parvarish 2 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suri scolds Jassi and Jogi for making mistakes repeatedly. She asks why did they make accidentand tried to hide it, they should hav informed her at least. ACP Pandey and his team continue to wait for hit and run culprit. Assistant tells ACP that mouse went back into hole and they missed. ACP says he will catch mouse at any cost and teach hhim a lesson.

Suri emotionally cries and says she will not let her children go to jail and hugs them. Jogi asks her to bring home food in jail as he heard jail food is not a tasty. She says he will not go to jail. Kulvinder comes and says he and Raj have decided that Jassi and Ria will not go jail and boys will surrunder, boys are ruff and tuff and can bear police torture but girls cannot.

Simran tells Raj that his decision wrong. Raj says she knows Ria and Jassi will be sent to juvenile jail and knows what happens in juvenile jails. Adi and Jogi made mistakes, Adi made accident and jogi fought with goon boys, so they will go to jail, once situation stabilizes, he will send Ria to US. Simran says again his decision is wrong. He says his decision is final. Ria hears their conversation.

Suri follows Kulvinder to hall and asks why he thinks girls are weak. Kulvinder says how will Jassi cope up with jail’s hardship. Jogi says papaji is right, he will go to jail alone. Suri tells Jassi is the one who fought with terrorists and won SOTY competition, she proved girls are equal to boys. Jassi asks Jogi if he had said same if she was his brother. Jogi says he did not mean that. Kulvinder says Suriis right and asks family to come and hug him.

Raj and Simran see Ria packing her clothes and asks what is she doing. She says she wants them to get her married and get rid of her responsibilities as they think she is a burden for them. Raj says she is not. She says then why he thinks she is not equal to boys but wants her to win competition. Raj realizes what she means and apologizes.

Precap: Raj, Simran, Suri, and Kulvinder take children to police to surrender them, but get afraid seeing inspector asking constable to torture a criminal.

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  1. Ooo! I loved the parents trick to teach lesson to childrens

  2. It’s getting worse day by day.. season 1 was so gud .. realistic.. dis one is all imagination..

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