Parvarish 2 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi sets fire in jungle to alert forest officers. Sumedh tells his goons that someone set this fire and sends them to check. They check and inform him. He asks one of them to call Mona.

At Simran house, Suri acts as ill and unconscious and holds Simran’s hand. Kulvinder says Suri needs dear ones and asks Simran to be with Suri while Mona gets Raj’s kit. She gets a call and walks away. Suri informs Simran to be courageous and not worry. Mona comes back and tells Simran that her uncle wants to talk. Simran takes phone and Sumedh asks her to let her husband give injection to minister and kill him if she wants Ria back.. Simran says she will do as he ways. Kulvinder and Raj come back. Raj says they should take Suri to his clinic. Kulvinder picks Suri and gets into Raj’s car. He sees different driver and asks Raj where is his driver. Raj says his driver is ill and sent replacement. Kulvinder reminisces arguing with driver earlier and says he is same man.

Ria tells Jogi that she freed her hands and even he should. Jogi calls goons and says he needs to pee. Goons ask him to wait till game gets over. He says he cannot wait and will pee here. Goon frees his hand. He asks Ria to run and holds goons. Ria says not without him. He forces her to run. Goons beat him ruthlessly. Ria watches hiding. He signals to run. Goons continue beating him and he falls down unconscious.

Sumedh reaches Jassi’s location and asks her to come out. She comes out and says he taught her a lot and it is time for action. She runs and Sumedh runs behind her. She stops at a place and he starts his dialogues but falls into a pit. She reminisces creating trap for him and smiles. He says once he comes out, he will kill her. His goon calls and informs that Ria escaped. He orders to find her soon. Jassi runs from there. She sees Ria running and goons following her and pulls her behind tree. Goons search Ria and leave. Ria says Jogi is under goon’s grip. Jassi asks her to go while she rescues her brother. Ria says they both need each other’s help and will rescue Jogi. Jassi shakes hands with her.

Precap: Goons see Jassi hiding behind tree and catch her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. finally jassi and riya are becoming friends thats a good sign
    just end this jungle track find jogi aditya abhid amy , forrest guards catch sumedh n terrorist .
    police catch that mona girl
    let jassi win soty riya feels happy happy ending karo iss track ka

  2. haha really its getting tiring.

  3. they will hv to explain sumed/shamsher’s character

    1. yes they will have to explain sumedh shamsher charcter not only that they will have to explain the motive why the otherkids were involved if it was just kidnapping riya they could ve kidnapped riya from her house why did they involve jogi aditya jassi amy abhid who had nothing to do with minister and shamsher in all this this . only riya dad was connected with the minister n all .

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