Parvarish 2 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Coach finishes second round and tells next round’s rule that she will select 2 students from opposite team who will select 50 questions for each other in 5 min. Jogi tells Jassi that he bought her gol gappe and ice creams in childhood and she should return favor with easy questions. She says Darji and Papaji bought her ice cream and golgappe and he should not expect favor from her as they are rivals now in competition. Coach calls students back and pairs Jassi-Adi, Ria-Ankita, and other students. Adi and Ankita smirk seeing each other. Coach questions question paper and asks to select questions for rival students. They tick questions and return question paper back. Teacher gives a break for preparation.

Event organizer calls Surinder and thanks her for delivering food order

on time and asks her to thank Kulvinder for his acting. Surinder gets confused and starts thinking.

Adi meets Ria and tries to lure her to distraction her attention from preparations. Jogi sees them and taunts Adi that his way of sharing ghum/gum was good. Adi gets tensed and asks what he means. Jogi says he means if he has bubble gum. Adi gives bubble gum. Jogi says Ria some cheapo stick bubble gum on her buzzer and will be caught soon. Ria starts thinking. Jogi leaves smiling. Adi asks Ria if she is doubting him. She says no. Raj calls her and asks how was her exam. She says she came 3rd. He asks if she remembers who came 3rd in recent sports event. She says she remembers who came first and not 2nd and 3rd. He says exactly, people will remember only winners and she should win. He also reminds her of her challenge made to Simran and says she should not forget it. Adi again tries to distract Ria’s attention, but Ria says she wants to study alone and win and does not need combined studies. He thinks it is difficult to distract her now and has to use different strategy to win.

After getting seating arrangement list, Ankita and her puppet fix answer papers under Ankita’s table. Coach walks near auditorium and when she is about to enter, Adi stops and asks silly question. She warns him not to try getting oversmart and concentrate on his exam. Ankita and puppet silently slip off. Adi then stops her and their taunts start.

Surinder stands sadly. Darji asks what happened. Surinder says Kulvinder worked as a clown to earn money for children’s fees. Darji says all parents are clowns who want to keep children happy.

Adi stops Ria and starts luring her. She says she has to study, but he continues and she again falls for him.

Precap: Jassi gets tensed thinking who will write exam for her. Jogi says her writer has come. Ankita’s puppet enters smirking.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. rahul and jassi so cutie and jhonty is too cute ,why are the cvs continiung adi ankita drama yaar enough is enough , he he jogi amy ke scenes are very funny , what is ankita and meenu upto , what theyre gonna show kissing between adi and riya lol what is meenu a ghost jahan dekho wahan aa jati hain

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