Parvarish 2 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Biji badmouths about Simran’s aunt. Simran gets angry and says she does not have any right to insult anyone if she does not know their problem. Biji says she is saying what she heard. Simran says what is heard is always not true.

Surinder and Kulvinder continue to hug in balcony and express their love for each other. Surinder tells him about scholarship lie again. He reacts. She says she already apologized.

Simran tells Raj about Biji’s taunt and says because of her one mistake, her aunt is being blamed always. Raj says some things cannot be hidden and will be out more if tried to be hidden. She says people lie for a cause. He asks when she does not like Ria telling lie, then how can she tell lie herself. He explains her the consequences and says he loves her

because of the truth she told 17 years ago and wants her to be same always.

Surinder tells Kulvider about Simran’s affair before marriage and Raj knowing about it. Kulvinder asks even then Raj accepted her. Surinder nods yes and says Raj loves her honesty. They both hug again tightly. Jassi walks in garden with Jogi and says mamaji papaji. They both separate getting shy. Surinder hugs again and says let children see their love. Jogi takes Jassi from there while Surinder and Kulvinder continue their romance in open.

During breakfast, Biji continues badmouthing about Simran’s aunt. Simran reaches there with cake and apologizes Biji for yesterday. She says she brought cake for Biji and says she will drop children today. Kulvinder says he will drop his children as she will not drop them every day.

Aditya informs classmates about an essay competition. Ria says she will win it. Aditya insists Jassi to enter her name. She nervously says she does not want to. Ria says she can try but cannot win as only 10 students are selected among 400. Aditya insists and tells teacher that even Jassi is participating. Teacher appreciates Jassi and Aditya adds Jassi’s name.

Jassi goes back home and asks Surinder if she is having fever. Surinder checks and says she is fine. Jogi says she is afraid of essay competition. Surinder encourages her to participate, but Biji discourages her. Surinder fights with Biji for discouraging Jassi.

Precap: Jassi reminisces about her childhood event where she gets lost in market and shouts mamma pappa. Surinder and Kulvinder run and hug her and says her fear came back.

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