Parvarish 2 22nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Coach tells students that since Ria’s team could not use buzzer well, she will ask 10 more questions and they will have a fair chance to win. She starts questioning and teams answer. After round finishes, she says all teams got 25 marks with Jonty’s team getting 20 marks. Jassi silently watches sitting at a distance.

Kulvinder reaches home and gives catering money to Surinder. She sees 20,000 rs extra and asks from did he get these. He says client gave advance and turns his face. She asks him to turn and tell truth.

After round finishes, Jogi goes to Jassi and tells he will get her back into competition at any cost. She asks how will he. Rahul silently goes to Jonty’s team and they were getting marks because of Jassi and they got her out, now if they have to win, they have to get Jassi back in their team. Jonty realizes his mistake and tells team that when he needed help, Jassi was there, and when she needs help, he is backing off. He will get Jassi back in team and asks who is with him. All team mates shake hands. He goes to Jassi and apologizes for his mistake and says she is back in team. She says she may lose consciousness again and team may lose. He says he will press buzzer and she can answer.

Ankita tells Adi that she has proof against him now and if he tries to expose her, even he will be exposed.

Coach calls everyone to get back for next round and tells Jonty’s team if they don’t come soon, she will start round without them. All students take their seat. Coach asks questions, Jonty presses button for Jassi and Jassi answers correctly. All other students get jealous of her. On last question, Jonty press button and Jassi answers. Jonty says it is wrong ansers and answers his version. Coach says she will take first answer. Jonty scolds jassi that his answer as right. Coach says Jassi’s answer was right. Jassi jumps in happiness. Jonty thanks her and says he was wrong.

Precap: Jogi tells Adi that he shares gum well. Ria asks what gum. Jogi says bubble gum. Adi gives bubble gum nervously. Jogi jokes cheap person who fixed bubble gum on buzzer will be caught soon. Ria starts thinking.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. prabha bua and coach sumedh sre going to enter the show , that was nice of jhonty greva vaibhav and shweta to get jassi on the tem back and they won the buzzer roundd because of jassi . amy is gonna do something in second round maybe
    bas ye adi anki ka drama finish ho jayye

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