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Parvarish 2 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Adi, Ria, Jassi and Jogi get tensed how to find a fake teacher. Rahul disguises as Punjabi teacher ad suggests them to bribe DCP Pandey to shut hit and run case. Jogi and Adi say it is a good idea. Jassi oppose their idea. Jogi says nothing with happen and calls Pandey. Jassi tries to stop him, but Pandey picks call. She walks out.

Jogi speaks to Pandey as in different husky voice and asks howmuch bribe he takes and stats from 5000 rs, 10000 rs, 50,000 rs. ACP asks what he has to do. Jogi say she has to shut highway hit and run case. ACP says he will take 1 lakh, asks them to meet at highway, and disconnects call. Jassi comes back Jogi says they were unnecessarily worrying, now after paying 1 lakh their case will be closed. Jassi asks how will they arrange money. Adi says he will arrange somehow and they allcan pay later. ACP calls control room and asks his team to reach high way to catch hit and run case culprit.

Adi an Jogi leave to get money and bribe ACP. Simran and Surinder knock door. Ria opens door and is shocked to see them. They say they want to meet their teacher. Rahul comes back in punjabi attire. Suri asks where did he complete his BEd. Rahul gets nervous and asks Ria where. Ria and Jassi see his beard coming off and signals him. Rahul says he has to take calls now and tries to leave. Suri asks him to fix his beard first. Rahul leaves silently.

Simran and Jassi ask Ria and Jassi what is going on. Jassi says they made mistake and now Jogi and Adi went to make another mistake. Suri asks what did they do. Ria says Jogi and Adi have gone to bribe ACP. Simran gets tensed and asks to tell everything in detail. Ria and Jassi describe all incidents.

Jogi and Adi reach the spot and see ACP already present there. Jassi calls Jogi and asks him to not meet ACP. He asks her not to keep phone and listen what he does. They both hide and watch ACP calling his team.

Precap: ACP sees Jogi and Adi and thinks what are SOTY students doing here.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Awesome episode but the precap was same as the previous episodes…they are dragging too much.

  2. now only 11 episodes how are they going enfd the show in just 11 episodes
    official pv2 ends on 15th july
    dcp pandey mite be jassi real dad or abhimanyus parents can be jassi real parents just a thought
    awesome episodes and adi n jogi doing something very stupid next scene will be jail scenes spoilers ahead

  3. I don’t think so Lizzie. By the time Jogi tries to bribe dcp, Suri will come to help as she knows the matter. Then ,dcp will ask what those kids planning. Then they will say whole story(from accident scene & so on) then dcp himself will tell they have nothing to worry because if you check the accident episode again, you will notice that when those police were dealing with these four kids, another inspector will say that another problem had occurred (I.e. abhimanyu accident) . So why he comes to the picture because he is Adi’s old friend & he might be hiding a truth. Or he could be prathiba Buas son. (Abhimanyu)? audience aren’t satisfied. So now at the last episode the EU may reveal the truth that Simran bf was abhimanyu father& he is her own son. Then they may also show that Jessi is abhimanyu’s step sister, making simran, Suri, Jessi, Jogi, abhimanyu kulvinder, Raj one family. And what’s gonna happen to Adi? The end.

  4. Surinder: heroine
    Kulvinder: hero
    Simran: Suri friend
    Raj: hero’s friend
    Jogi: suri son
    Jessi: adopted daughter of suri and own sister of abhimanyu
    Ria: Raj’s daughter & jog’s jokergiri
    Abhimanyu: Adi friend& brother of Jessi & step brother to ria
    Dcp: detective
    Rahul: school teacher
    Adi: Jessi’s friend
    Coach sumedh: vilian ( not liking this, he should be the hero)
    Principal : principal.

    The end

  5. Anita

    what i think is
    dcp pandey – jassi real dad
    mr kapoor – adityas dad and abhiymanyus uncle
    abhimanyus dad – mr kapoor cousin brother
    aditya – abhimanyus long lost cousin brother
    rahul dad – simrm ex bf
    jassi – dcpn pandey daughter , adopted sister of jogi

  6. Anita

    principal – principal
    principal wife – kulwinder cousin sister
    sumedh – villiam sigh
    mininster ghosai – raj best friend
    raj sui simram kulvinder friends

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