Parvarish 2 22nd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surinder writes apology letter to Kulvinder and keeps it in his lunch box, but Jogi exchanges Jassi’s lunchbox with Kulvinder’s.

During lunch break, Ria sees Dolly peeping into everyone’s tiffin box and taunts her. Aditya passes by and Ria taunts him with Zor se bolo jai maati di…Aditya enters classroom via window and says
cool..Ria says she will uplaod his bhajan singing videos and pics on social media. He says she can. She adds videos and pics on social media but does not upload. Her mobile falls down. Jassi picks mobile and presses send button by mistake. Aditya gets angry and students start taunting him with Jai maata di…

Jassi opens lunchbox and finds letter in it. Ria says her mamma must have written instructions and reads it forcefully

while Jassi says it is bad manners to read someone’s letter. Ria returns letter back. Jassi reads it and gets tensed. Ria says her parents fight daily at least 10 times because of her. Jassi says it does not happen in her family and she has to do something.

Surinder tells Simran about Kulvinder’s reaction. Simran consoles her and tells she will call her whole family on dinner here, she can lure Kulvinder and calm him down alone. Surinder gets shy.

Jassi with Ria enters Surinder and Kulvinder’s room and leaves cocroach on bed. Ria asks if it will work. Jassi says her papaji is afraid of cockroaches. They both walk into hall and see Surinder well dressed lighting candles throught house. Ria asks when whole family is at her house for dinner, what is she doing here. Surinder says she got a mood to light candles. Ria jokes she got a mood to have chocolate and takes Jassi from there.

Biji asks Jassi to call Surinder and Kulvinder as she will not have dinner without them. Simran starts
tells Surinder’s story and boring Biji and others.

Kulvinder comes back home and gets mesmerized with Surinder’s beauty. They both apologize each other and are about to hug each other when door bell rings and grocer calls from outside. Suridner realizes it was her dream and takes groceries. Surinder comes then and angrily gets in. He switches on lights and scolds her for wasting candles. She gets in angrily and apologizes for taking catering job without informing him and says she lied one more thing and tells she lied about scholarship. He sees cockroach and panics. She picks cockroach and asks him to forgive her, else she will throw on him. He runs for sometime and then forgives and hugs her.

Simran shows her marriage pic to Biji. Biji sees a woman next to Simran and badmouths about her. Simran gets angry and warns her not to badmouth about others. Biji says whole city badmouthed about this woman. Simran says this woman is her aunt. Biji shuts her mouth in a shock.

Precap: Aditya tells about TV competition. Ria says she will win for sure. Jassi shies. Aditya forces her to enter her name.

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