Parvarish 2 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi falls unconscious after pressing buzzer and hearing mic beep. Everyone surround her. Ria and Jogi sprinkle water, wake her up and ask what happened to her. She says mic sound. Coach says she cannot answer now as she did not answer on time. Jassi says she knows answer though. Other student says even she knew answer, but Jassi pressed buzzer first. Teacher cuts Jassi’s marks. Ankita smirks and reminisces her puppet asking sound technician to increase mic volume. Team members complain that they don’t need Jassi as they will lose if she falls unconscious again. Jassi requests Jonty to speak. Even Jonty backs off. Jassi is sent out.

Kulvinder dances in children’s party wearing clown’s costume. Raj and Simran attend party. Kulvinder gets tensed

seeing them. Raj says he is doing good job. A child jumps from table. Kulvinder holds childen on time and saves her, but his nose prop falls down. Raj and Simran are shocked to see him working as clown. Raj complains simran how can he do that. Simran says he is doing it for his children.

Buzzer round restarts. Coach asks next question. Rahul presses buzzer, but it does not work. Another student presses buzzer and gets marks. Adi smirks and reminisces sticking bubble gum to buzzer. Ria tries to speak, but coach stops her. Ria interferes finally and says her buzzer is not working. Teacher calls sound technician who checks and says someone stick bubble gum. Coach asks to get secret CCTV footage, she will catch culprit red handed. Adi gets tensed.

Kulvinder comes to Simran’s home and requests her not to tell about party to Surinder as she considers him as her pride and will shatter if she hears that he became clown to earn money. Simran says she knows he did this for his children and she is will never tell Surinder. Kulvinder thanks her and looks at Raj. Raj also assures and Kulvinder leaves. Simran gets emotional.

Coach checks CCTV footage and just before Adit sticks bubble gum, clip stops. Technician apologizes for technical gliche. Adi relaxes. Coach gives marks and says Ria’s team got 0, so she will ask 10 more questions and they can try their best now.

Precap: Jogi says Jassi he will get her back in competition somehow. Rahul tells Jonty’s team that it is waste getting Jassi back in teach. Jonty says coach is watching even their behavior, so they should get Jassi back in team.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. one of the dumbest episodes . that short girl meenu should be put in juvie jail . i dont know who to hate more aditya ya ankita . i didnt expect jhonty to behave like that and the rest team
    greva rashmi vaibhav whats wrong with them .
    what is this rahul upto hes a confusing character kabhi accha bolta toh kabhi bura totally kartik version .
    challo precap mein jhonty and teamates thoda guilty feel kar rahein hain lol

  2. notes “for the new coach ” aditya would had caught red handed and out from the contest
    on that half video clip its showed adityta chewing gum while talking to ria

    1. cvs are dumb the writers are clueless the thing is they want to retain ankita and aditya in the show so that why they are showing it like tis

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