Parvarish 2 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi tells Surinder that she cannot cope up with competition and does not have any dreams. Surinder starts tongue lashing her that she shattered her dreams and insulted her feelings. She continues lashing and walks into home.

Surinder sees Jogi standing and asks why did he take her side, pointing at Jassi. He thinks she is talking about Ria and says he has to take her side. Surinder starts tongue lashing even him and says Jassi wants to stop dreaming and he is helping her wrongly. He realizes she is talking about Jassi and not Ria. He goes upstairs and sees Jassi standing sadly and cheers her with his jokergiri.

Simran tells Raj that she wants to concentrate on Ria and hold her job for some time. He says she is overreacting as it is common in that age and even he had eloped from house, but came back next day. He continues to convince her, but she says she does not want to lose Ria.

Surinder and Simran meet in garden and discuss about their problems. They both get emotional and continue their talks.

In the morning, Surinder and Simran drop children to school. Simran tells Ria that she will find her home when she returns. Ria taunts if she wants to spy her more and enters school. Simran gets sad. Jogi sees Surinder angry and tells Jassi to speak to her. Jassi sees her angry and leaves saying bye mamma. Simran comes and tells elders have to act a lot. Surinder says yes and thinks she is not angry on her children.

Precap: Jassi gets to know about student of the year competition and its price of 1 year scholarship. She informs Surinder and says she will work hard to win competition.

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