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Parvarish 2 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surinder serves samosas to guests in maata ka jagrata function. Simran to stop Kulvinder seeing her tries to engage him in her talks and offers him samosas. He says he likes only Surinder’s samosas. Surinder sees him and hides under table. Simran gets tensed. Biji comes and tells Kulvinder that these samosas are just like Surinder’s. He tries to take samosa from Surinder’s hand, but she tensely holds it tightly. He says samosa will break. She leaves it. He tastes it and says Biji is right.

Surinder thinks Simran cannot do one work properly, she brought whole family here. Simran goes to kitchen and explains her the whole situation. Kulvinder calls Surinder. Surinder is just behind him. He turns hearing ring tone and is shocked to see her. She silently

walks from there.

At home, Surinder serves tea to whole family. Biji says she would have attending mata ki chowki with them, samosas were exactly like she prepares. Jogi and Jassi say even rabri and other dishes were exactly like she prepares. Surinder looks at Raj and agrees that she prepared them as Simran’s MIL got her that catering order. Biji is shocked. Darji says he permitted her as he wants her to be multitalented. Kulvinder asks her to give her first salary to Darji as he is elder of family. She gives salary packet and takes his blessings. Darji tells her that sun set is from oppisite side today, pointing at Kulvinder.

At room, Surinder asks Kulvinder if he is angry on her. He says he did not utter anything in front of children, she can take decisions herself from today and should not inform him. She apologizes. He says she should not talk to him from today and angrily sleeps facing opposite side. In the morning, she irons his kurta and breaks button thinking he will break his silence. He sees broken button and wears other kurta.

Raj sees Simran doing yoga and asks if she lied. She nervously says he will not understand. He explains that lie is a lie and will ruin someone’s life.

Surinder writes an apology letter to Kulvinder and hides it in his tiffin box. Jogi in a hurry picks his and Kulvinder’s box instead of his and Jassi’s. Surinder gives tiffin box to Kulvinder and says she has prepared his favorite dish. He looking at children smiles and leaves.

Precap: Jassi finds letter in her tiffin box. Ria snatches it, reads it and is shocked. Jassi also reacts it and gets shocked.

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