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Adi tells Ankita that if Ria does not obey him, he will make her and Jogi’s video public. Ria goes to school. Jassi stops her and says because of her Jogi is being blamed. Ria says she is speaking too much. Jassi says she is not speaking at all. Jogi sees them and asks Jassi to stop scolding Ria. Jassi says Jogi he is a male and everyone will blame him, she saw guilt in parents’ eyes and anger in Simran’s eyes. Jogi shouts at her to go and she angrily leaves.

Adi comes with Ankita next and starts taunting Ria and Jogi. Jogi tries to confront him, but Ria asks him to let it go. Adi asks Ria to come aside, else she knows what he can do. Ria walks with him and scolds that she did not think he is so cheap, etc. He says he does not want her lecture. She asks what he

needs. He asks to withdraw her name from SOTY compeition, else he will upload video in public. She says already damage is done and her parents sawi it, she does not care now. He smirks and says now she will see.

Darji fumes in front of Surinder and Biji that how can someone blackmail children like that. Biji comments when boy has done mistake, it is obvious. Darji says he is a boy and will understand, but how can anyone blackmail, they should file police complaint. Surinder says they should soft out problem among themselves. She gets a call from school to come and meet principal immediately.

Surinder and Simran reach principal’s cabin. Principal says Ria and Jogi cannot participate in SOTY competition. Surinder says he cannot do that. He says he wants to set an example and how students are representing their school and cannot do any mistake. Surinder says why he wants to make her son an example. He gets adamant. Simran says he is right, but it is parent’s and teachers’ duty to forgive mistake and not let them repeat it. She points at Jogi that Ria is blamed for someone’s mistake. Surinder gets irked and both are responsible and one cannot clap with single hand. Sumer takes blame on him as he was in charge. Principal says he cannot let children do mistake again.

Ria and Jogi eagerly wait outside principal’s cabin. Adi tells Ankita that Ria did not listen and withdraw her name from SOTY, so now principal will do it. Sumer comes out with Suriner and Kulvinder and scolds Ria and Jogi. They say they will not do mistake again. He says he knows as he has withdrawn his name from competition. They both are shocked. He asks Surinder and Simran to file complaint against culprit who circulate video. Simran gets adamant and says no with her own reasoning. Sumer leaves saying as she wishes. Ria tells Jogi she will meet adi and fill finish it once for all.

Precap: Ria asks Adi what he needs. He asks her again to withdraw her name from SOTY. Simran asks Ria to forget everything and concentrate on SOTY.

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