Parvarish 2 20th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria packs her bag and says she will go and stay with daadi as she trusts her more than her parents. Simran tries to stop her. Ria says when she brought police, she thought her parents would take her side, but they blurted out on her. Simran starts crying and says why did she lie that she will go to school and went with friends. Ria says if she forced her to lie and says from now on, she will be puppet and will just go to school like a puppet and forget any extracurricular activities. Simran continues crying. Ria asks her to stom her emotional atyachar and walks out. Simran thinks what she would have told family if something had happened to her.

Jassi walks with Biji. Biji starts talking to neighbor. Jogi calls Jassi aside and asks her not to tell mammaji that he is here, else she will beat him. He then thinks he will go to Mumbai and return after 10 years after becoming hero, then mammaji will not beat him.

Kulvinder goes to publisher’s office. Publisher says he knows everyone has a price and asks what is his price. Kulvinder stands silently. Publisher keeps 5 lakhs on table and asks to pick it. Kulvinder goes home. Surinder asks if he brought money. He says he could not sell his loyalty and reminisces not accepting publisher’s money. He continues that he thought he can do anything for his children, but could not sell his loyalty. Surinder consoles him and says they will find some way. Jassi listens to their conversation standing near door.

After pooja, all guests leave from Simran’s home. Simran apologizes Ria and dances to convince her, but Ria continues texting on her mobile and leaves to stop her drama. MIL sees everything and taunts Simran that she lost her daughter in exchange of her job.

Surinder praises Kulvinder that he won again and she and her children are proud of him. If he would have taken bribe and paid fees, they would have felt ashamed. Kulvinder gets emotional. Jassi also gets emotional standing near door.

Precap: Simran tells Raj that she does not want to lose Ria and will leave her job. Surinder scolds Jassi that she proved that her upbringing is wrong.

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