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Parvarish 2 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria calls Jogi and informs him that Adi recorded their kissing MMS and sent it to her father and now he is sending it to his father. MMS comes on Kulvinder’s mobile. Kulvinder says he does not know how to open MMS. Jogi runs and deletes it. MMS comes again and before he could reach Jassi opens it. They all 3 are shocked to see Jogi kissing Ria’s forehead and Kulvinder slaps him repeatedly and scolds. Surinder interferes and sends Jogi up. Jogi goes up and informs Ria that he could not stop his parents see MMS and it is his mistake. She says it is cheap Adi’s mistake. Adi calls her and she says Jogi i will call you later. Adi taunts she changed from Adi to Jogi so soon and says he has many more mobile numbers and has sent MMS to her father. She runs and picks Raj’s

mobile. Raj takes mobile and he and Simran are shocked to see kissing MMS. Ria runs and stands in hall. Simran comes angrily. Ria says whatever she saw is wrong. Simran slaps her and asks what else she has to see. She throws some papers from her file and says she brought her past in a second and hurt her dignity. She gives papers and says she has hurt her.

Jogi calls Adi repeatedly, but Adi does not pick call. Jogi throws phone angrily. Jassi comes and picks mobile and asks what else he will break after breaking parent’s heart and says Ria is using him like Adi and he should tell parents truth. Jogi says he loves Ria. She says if he forgot what Ria did with her. He says he does not want to listen anything against Ria. She says till now they did not fight, now fighting because of Ria. She says he can be on Ria’s side hereon.

Simran cries and tells Ria that it is her fear that she is living with, she did a big mistake and tried to correct it, but could not, today history is repeating. She thought she would protect her, but she failed. She is strict with her as she does not want her to go trough the bad phase she went through. Ria says it is not her mistake, everything is fine. Simran says she did same mistake which she did, her upbringing failed. Ria says she passed as she got saved somehow, she guides her always. She continues crying and leans on Simran’s lap. Raj comes and shouts at Simran that she dragged Ria on her path and should change her. Ria says he used to tell not to insult momsie, but he did same now. She does not want to know what was momsie’s past and mistakes, asks if he did not make any mistake, he separated himself from them. She continues her emotional speech. Raj feels guilty and says he is always with her momsie and will be always, apologizes Simran and her. They all 3 hug each other emotionally.

Precap: Principal disqualifies Ria and Jogi from SOTY competition.

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  1. Why is ria and jogi disqualified

  2. Because Surinder and Simran took out their names

  3. coz jassi ko jitana hai….huh i want jogi to win the compettition…. whatever but i lyk riya nd jogi’s track…

  4. What ????? Ria n jogi out of SOTY

  5. Walau if riya and jogi are out there is brely any competition.

  6. Now its rahul,jassi ,adi and amy rite?????

  7. Nobody is checking who is sending the clip of Ria & Joggi ? Ria doesnt speak anything like dumbo. Typical Ekta Kapoor style track where viewers are taken for granted. Idiots.

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