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Parvarish 2 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj asks Ria to give him Jogi’s number. She gets tensed that he will know that she was not with Jogi and Jassi. Raj then shouts that because of Kulvinder, he is doubting Ria like him. Simran asks him not to think much about Kulvinder’s words.

Kulvinder asks Jassi and Jogi to work hard and win competition. Jogi says papaji has changed. Kulvinder says not to think much.

Dolly calls Ria and says she is going fast forward with Adi and losing her concentration on student of the year competition. Ria says she will not lose her aim and says yesterday she lied dad that she was with Jogi and he wanted to talk to Jogi, but she managed somehhow. Dolly says she would not have done this, what if uncle calls Jogi. Ria says she will speak to Jogi and ask him to lie. She calls Jogi,

but he does not pick call. She says Dolly he must have slept by now but will help her.

Raj calls someone for money and he says he needs some time to arrange money. Ria gets tensed.
Jassi tells Jogi that they have to win to stop mamaji and papaji from taking tension regarding their fees. Surinder enters and asks what tension. Jogi changes topic and jokes.

In the morning on breakfast table, Surinder serves Jassi and Jogi breakfast. Jogi jokes with Surinder that she should open catering business and mint money, he will be manager and a cute woman will be receptionist of their office. Kulvinder gets down and says he will be Surinder’s business partner and Jogi should concentrate on studies. Jogi asks what happened to him. Kulvinder asks him to conentrate on studies again and tells Surinder he will be with her in every step of life. Surinder jumps in happiness. Kulvinder then gets on his bike and sees Raj getting into car. They both fume seeing each other and stop in front of each other’s vehicle. Surinder comes out and gets tensed. Children also come out. Darji calls Surinder and he leaves.

Simran asks Jogi why did he take Ria to ice cream parlor as she is having cold now. Jogi asks he.. Ria signals him to say yes. He says Ria took him and Jassi to parlor instead and gave them icecream party. Ria relaxes. Once they leave, Jassi asks him why is caring about Ria, if he thinks her really as friend or something else. He says just Simran aunty’s daughter and asks her to not be oversmart.

Surinder and Simran’s friendly nok jhok starts and they reminisce their childhood days.

Precap: Jassi tells Jogi if she does not get book in 4 days, she will lose competition. He asks her not to worry. She says they will have to win competition, else mamaji and papaji will have to borrow money from someone for their fees. Kulvinder hears their conversation.

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  1. Ok I don’t get one thing right why the heck jogi lied to Ria Mom as if Ria is a good friend of jogi .
    Why is dolly highly underestimated in the show Dolly is very ever plus she has become positive character

    I’m sure that Ankita must have taken that book which khurrana siblings are talking about .
    God knows what going Aditya mind lol
    So many loop holes in the storyline
    At least give nishant reaction to jassi replaced him in soty . I think even after soty gets over Ankita meenu nishant will stay

  2. This show is the best show eveeeeer!!!!!

  3. Its seriously the best show ever………i pray that this show doesnt become boring later…….all the best to parvatish…….lots of luv

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