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Parvarish 2 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi, Ria, Jogi, and Ria win SOTY trophy. Adi’s dad meet him and tries to congratulate him, but Adi thinks he is not happy that he did not win SOTY alone and misbehaves with dad. Dad leaves. Jassi sees that. Adi asks Jassi if she would like to accompany him. She asks why did he misbehave with his dad. He says she does not know his dad and should stay away. She says she will not come with him. He goes from there angrily and reminisces Jassi’s words.

Jogi and Ria come and Jassi tells Adi wanted he to accompany for party. Jogi says they all 3 should attend party and insists Jassi to call Adi and tell they are coming. Jassi says they don’t know how he misbehaved with his dad. Jogi says why is she interfering in his family issues and asks her agian to call Adi. Adi calls her and over phone apologizes dad. Jogi says now they can attend party. Jassi says they all 3 are accompanying him to party.

Jassi, Jogi, and Ria inform about party to their parents. Raj and Kulvinder resist, but agree on Simran and Suri’s insistence. Simran asks them to enjoy part but be in limits. Jassi says she does not have party clothes. Simran says she can borrow Ria’s clothes. In the evening, Adi comes to pick them and gets mesmerized seeing Jassi in black gown. Ria thinks he is looking at her. Jassi sees him staring and he turns around. Raj asks driver to be with children and return back by 11 p.m. Adi says not to worry, they will be back by 11.

Adi sends driver home and drives car. A biker speeds in front of them and applies brake suddenly. Adi comes out and asks if he cannot drive properly. Biker starts fighting with him and taunts that he is carrying girls and should leave them for him, etc. Ria and Jassi control adi and Jogi and they all 4 reach party. Jogi starts his jokergiri. Part starts and they enjoy. Biker also attends party and thinks of teaching them a lesson.

Precap: Jassi, Adi, and Ria escape from goons and run in car. Adi rams car on someone.

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  1. Adi looking at jassi nit bad. Waiting fr ria n jogi, adi n jassi scenes.

  2. that biker boy& his friends are gonna create lot of trouble
    where is amy abhid and rahul in the party did not see them

    1. They forgot abhid and Amy in the forest?They only focused on the park academy international students???

  3. Probably Ami & abhid are still searching for a way out to get out of the forest.

  4. another random twist…oh god seems like trouble ahead of them

    1. instead of biker boy why couldnt they show abheer the guy in the cclub who talking to riya

  5. precap was same as yesterday

    1. sony is copying colors strategy

  6. Adi may pair with Jassi bt Rahul look best with hr

  7. This is what I think will happen
    Rahul asks jassi out and jassi agrees then Adi starts getting jealous

  8. wowwwwwwwwwwwwww nice keep it up

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