Parvarish 2 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj forces Ria to call Dolly. She calls her with shivering hands. He takes phone and asks if he can trust her. She nods yes. He disconnects call and asks her to apologize Ria. Ria says why should she when she told him truth. He insists and she apologizes Simran forcefully and leaves. Raj then starts argument with Simran that she should let Ria do mistakes and learn from them. Simran asks what does he mean. He says she is ruining her present due to her past. Simran is shocked and leaves saying her present is doubting her past. Raj apologizes her, but she leaves crying.

At school, Jassi’s jealous classmates try to bully her. Jassi gives them excellent reply and leaves. They fume in jealousy.

Jogi and Aditya start running race a school and Jogi wins by trick. Aditya

says it is cheating. Jogi says everything is fair in love and war and says he will win student of the year competion. Aditya angrily looks at him and leaves. Jassi asks Jogi why did he do that. Jogi says he wants Khuranas to win student of the year competition.

Simran cries while preparing food reminiscing Raj;s words. Surinder comes and says she burnt gobhi and can tell she make karari gobhi. Simran continues crying. Surinder cheers her with her humor.

At school lab, teacher as sudents not to use concentrated sulphuric acid for experiment. Jealous classmates change diluted acid bottle with concentrate one diverting Jassi’s attention with their fake apology and cry. Ria comes and Jassi by mistake drops acid on her skirt and skirt catches fire. Jealous students complain teacher that Jassi burnt Ria’s skirt as she is jealous of her for bullying her and told them that she will teach Ria a lesson. Teacher scolds Jassi and takes her to principal.

Principal calls Surinder and tells Jassi out of jealousy burnt Ria’s skirt. Ria says Jassi did not and it was some mistake. Jassi says same. Principal says he has seen Ria bullying Jassi many times, so she took revenge. Surinder says her daughter is very loyal and will never harm anyone. Principal says he has to punish Jassi and says she cannot participate in student of the year competition.

Precap: Surinder says principal that nobody is loyal than her Jassi. Principal says every mother says same. She says she brought up Jassi and trusts her daughter and her upbringing. He will say soon that Jassi is most loyal girl in his school.

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