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Dadaji tells Kulvinder that he was very confident that his son will not insult anyone. Dadi says they came inunvited and Kulvinder said truth. Dadaji says as Ria told she was just pulling Jassi’s legs and Jassi told everything to them and Kulvinder overreacted, so Kulvinder should apologize them.

Jassi starts crying and tells Jogi that he provoked her to befriend with Ria and tell everything to parents and now because of it, a big tension is created between both family. Jogi starts pulling her legs and she smiles. He says she should apologize and she agrees.

Daadi tells Kulvinder that he will not apologize as men of her house will not. Surinder asks what is she telling. Daadi says for her Surinder and Jassi are same and Kulvinder will not apologize for their mistake.

Jogi is her heir and will take her generation foward, but Jassi is a burden to them. Jassi comes there and hears their conversation and runs back to her room. Daadi says she is right. Jogi asks Daadi why is she so biased and always insults Jassi. He runs behind Jassi. Surinder also runs behind her.

Jogi consoles Jassi and starts pulling her legs. She smiles at first and then starts crying again. Surinder silently listens to their conversation and then enters and says Bebe/daadi is right, she is different from Jogi as she is very special and they have put all her responsibilities on her. Jassi smiles.

Kulvinder tells Bebe that she always differs Jogi and Jassi, but for whole family Jassi and Jogi are same. When Jassi gets medals, she goes to bring them, then why is she against Jassi so much. Bebe asks to stop as she is feeling uneasy. Kulvinder continues and leaves saying he is ashamed that she is his mother. Bebe holds her chest and falls down. Dadaji sees that and calls Kulvinder. Kulvinder comes running and gives her water. She does not accept it. Whole family then get concerned and Kulvinder asks Surinder to call Dr. Raj.

Surinder calls Simran, but she disconnects calls repeatedly. Raj asks whose call it is. Simran says Surinder’s and she must have called to apologize. Raj says she should pick her call. Simran says their friendship is over now. He asks if she will break even their relationship if he makes any mistake. She says why will she. He says then why is she breaking friendship so easily. She says she realized her mistake and leans on his shoulder. Jogi comes and rings doorbell.

Surinder and family massage daadi’s extremities and wait for doctor. Raj with Simran enters and after checking her says she needs injection and then electric shock. Daadi says she must be having gastric trouble. Raj says he will give injection at least as a precaution. Daadi says she is fine now and just needs tablets. Raj says then he will send her tablets and asks for fees. Surinder and Kulvinder get tensed and ask howmuch is his fees. Raj says a cup of ginger tea. They relax and Surinder runs towards kitchen to prepare ginger tea. Kulvinder apologizes Raj for his earlier words. Raj says those words vanished with aunty ji’s gas trouble. Kulvinder happily hugs him.

Surinder prepares tea with Simran and asks why did not she pick call. Simran says her phone was away. Surinder apologizes her for earlier mistake and hugs her. They both get emotional and rekindle their friendship. Surinder then says she is relaxed after she came back and asks again if her phone is in silent mode. Just then, Simran’s phone rings and Simran feels embarrassed.

Precap: Simran tells Surinder that her mother-in-law has come and will shout for food. Surinder says she can order it from hotel. Mother-in-law comes and shouts if anyone at home. Ria says they can get out from window. Simran asks if she has tried it. Ria asks Jassi to follow her.

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