Parvarish 2 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Biji informs Surinder that Jassi went to orphanage early in the morning. Surinder gets tensedand rushes to orphanage with Kulvinder. They both reach orphanage and see Jassi crying in front of officer and asking him if he is telling truth. Jassi sees her parents and says she knew this. Officer leaves saying couple have come to adopt a child. They both run behind office folllowed by Jassi.

Ria says her parents that she is going for the SOTY social service project and leaves home. Raj confronts Simran and asks why did she say lie and says Ria is learning to say lie because of her. Simran says she does not know what he is talking about. He says she knows what he means and says Ria created havoc in a hospital yesterday and risked her life. She does not know what will happen if hosptial

authorities final police complaint. Simran says Ria is go getter like him and she will handle issue carefully. He says he wants her to call Ria and ask her to withdraw her name from SOTY. Simran says she will not and Ria also will not withdraw her name from competiton, he can do whatever he likes.

Surinder and Kulvinder see orphanage students opposing couple adopting a girl and say they will make her work like a labor and torture her. Surinder says they would never do that and says parents who bring up children are greater than parents to give birth and ransack children. She gives her and Jassi’s example indirectly. Jassi silently hears her. Kulvinder signals Surinder to stop, but she continues. She says she did not give birth to Jassi, but loves her more than her daughter. Jassi listens half and runs from there. They both follow her and try to explain. Jassi says officer told her parents often come here with gifts for children. Surinder asks if that is what officer said. Jassi says yes. Surinder and Kulvinder relax. Jassi says she wants to take children out for a lunch and share her love. They both agree happily.

Jogi sweeps colony alone. Neighbor shows concern. Jogi says neighbor aunty’s jewelry box fell in garbage and he is searching that. Whole colony starts sweeping. Kulvinder and Surinder enter. Jogi sees them and hides. Kulvinder asks neighbor why is sweeping floor. Neighbor says Jogi told neighbor aunty’s jewelry box fell in garbage, so all are searching jewelry box. Kulvinder sees Jogi hiding and scolds him.

Ria and Adi go to a resturant and check Ria’s hospital footage. She gets Simran’s call and goes aside. Adi tries to drop water on laptop to spoil footage. Jassi comes with orphanage children, sees Adi, rushes and snatches glass from him. He yells to not interfere between him and his girlfriend. She says Ria is her friend and she will not let him spoil her hard work. Adi holds her hand and drops water on laptop. Ria sees that and thinks Jassi dropped it. Adi starts drama. Ria scolds Jassi and tells she will win SOTY competition and teach her a lesson.

Precap: Coach announces Jassi as second round’s winner. Adi, Ria, and Ankita tell they will not let Jassi win final round.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Now Ria will also join Adi and Ankita….poor Jassi

  2. How can riya be so dumb? Despite the fact that aditya has done so much to ruin herlife, she has her so called love for him? What? And jogi. If his parents know that this is his SOTY project, then they wouldn’t scold him if he was cleaning but would obviously scold him if he was hiding. Its okay if jassi is adopted. You know there are some cases where they mistreat orphaned children who are adopted. As long as jassi is well taken care of, and that is true in this case, then she doesn’t need to cry. Bas yaar, SOTY 3 months keleye chalrshahai.. I hope to see something new very soon.

  3. Ria such a lier I hope she lose so her mom can run her life Ria even lie on jogi

    1. Riya won’t win nor will her mum win. The serial is there for also the parents to learn how to raise their child. If simran wants to accept riya ‘s challenge, then she can be understood as a weak mother. So in my point of view, zally, neither simran or riya should win.

  4. Monday n Tuesday episode ???

  5. Where’s the next episode pls post faster u guys always do this with one or the other shows of Sony,….:-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

  6. why you guys are not uploading written updates of latest episodes ?

  7. Just wondering why there are no written updates for this wonderful non-saas bahu show regularly?

  8. monday n tuesday updates plz..

  9. How come there is no updates from MA? Are you okay MA? Could you please update as soon as possible? Thank you.

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