Parvarish 2 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulvinder returns home sadly and informs family that he could not arrange fees money. Surinder encourages him and says they will find some way. A man enters and gives him 5 lakhs to pay fees. Kulvinder asks who is he.

Jogi joins Ria and her friends Aditya and Dolly and starts flirting with Ria again. They then travel in car and biker boys misbehave with Ria and Dolly Ria rams car over their bike and once they fall down starts beating them. Dolly tries to calm her, but she continues beating boys. Police reaches there.

Kulvinder asks him man why is he giving him 5 lakhs when he does not know him at all and he is just a book seller. Man says he just need to sell illegal things along with books. Kulvinde scolds and sends him out. Surinder encourages him again.

Simran’s MIL waits for Ria and asks Simran where is her daughter. Simran says she will come back soon from her school competition practice.

Police reaches and stops Ria from beating boys. Ria alleges that they eve teased her and are Delhi is unsafe because of boys like them, so they should be arrested immediately. Inspector asks if he eve teased her. She says her friend. Dolly nods yes. He says he needs to speak to her parents, takes her land line number, and calls landline.

Daadi picks call and inspector informs that he has arrested her daughter and wil bring her home for interrogation. Daadi angrily informs Simran that Ria is found and is coming home with police. Ria reaches home with police and emotional drama starts.

Jassi tells Surinder that she heard about their problems and wants to help her. Surinder explains her with an example to elders handle problems and she should study well and forget everything. She tells her papaji is very strong and would face any problem with smile. Kulvinder who hears everything hiding gets emotional. He enters and also asks Jassi to concentrate on her studies and let him handle financial problems.

Precap: Ria forcefully does bhajan keerthan with her daadi. Simran feels sad for her.

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  1. I feel season1 was awesome… This is just dragging episodes without morals.. I miss Shweta tiwari a lot.. She was awesome

  2. Enough with the dragging?
    Oh God can’t tolerate?
    that simran MIL .? She is really really annoying .? I ‘ve to press mute button whenever she comes . ?
    Where do they get chomu boys ??from ? big clap to riya serves those boys right ?

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