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Parvarish 2 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simran tries to slap Jogi, but Surinder stops her. Simran alleges Jogi that he has trapped Ria in his love. Surinder says her son cannot be wrong and asks Jogi if Simran is right. He says yes. Simran says she spared Jogi as he is her old friend’s son, else she would have filed police complaint. Surinder says she can go ahead and says Jogi and Ria have grown up and know what is better for them and Ria must be equally involved as clap does not happen with one hand. Simran shouts get out. Surinder leaves with Jogi. Jassi runs behind them.

Surinder takes Jogi to home and then room and locks door from inside. Jassi pleads to let her also listen to their talks. Surinder asks her to stay away. She asks Jogi if he really loves Ria and asks him take her oath and tell he is not. He

stands silently and asks if liking anyone is wrong. She says she still trusts him and knows he is just trying to help Ria. Jassi knocks door again. Surinder opens door and says she knows he is helping Ria, but why is he hiding it. She walks out. Surinder asks if she met Simran and what did she say. She says nothing to worry, their son did not do anything wrong.

Simran tells Ria that she thinks she always scolds her, but today she scolded rogue Jogi, she should not let low-class boys like Jogi around her. Ria says Jogi is not a bad boy. Simran shouts why is she taking Jogi’s side even now. Raj enters asking for his wallet and asks what are they talking about. Simran says nothing and says his wallet must be in somewhere.

Ria thinks she should tell about Adi and his messages, etc. to Momsie and asks her to check her mobile. Adi reminisces downloading CCTV footage of Jogi and Ria hugging and sends it to Ria. Ria gets tensed seeing MMS and holds her mobile. Simran takes mobile and Adi calls just then. Ria takes mobile, goes aside and scolds him that she did not know he was so cheap and Jogi saved her on time. He says he will send MMS to her parents and sends message to Raj. Ria acts as feeling dizzy. Raj gets concerned and makes her sit on chair. Ria silently takes his mobile, goes to room and deletes message. Raj searches mobile. Ria silently keeps it back on table. Raj leaves. Adi calls Ria again and frightens that he will send MMS to Jogi’s parents.

Precap: Simran cries that Ria broke her trust again.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What are CVs upto??….ekdum se khrab kar dia show ko…!!!

  2. Why is jogi defending ria?

  3. Show is become vry interesting now

  4. Why can’t Jogi n Ria say truth to their parents…. All problems will be solved…..

    But I think CVs problem is that all problems will be solved n it seems they don’t have any other ideas still.

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