Parvarish 2 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simran slaps Surinder and shouts to get out from her house. All are shocked. Raj says she did not do right. Surinder says it is okay, her friend has right on her. She walks out with Kulvinder.

Jassi continues walking in jungle and reminisces her mammaji’s words and even Sumer’s words about location. She then sees puppy and picks it.

Surinder says Kulvinder they have to help Nikki/Simran. She takes red dupatta and says during their childhood, Nikki and she used to hang red cloth outside house to signal danger. Raj tells Simran that she did wrong by slapping Suri. She says yes she should not haver overreacted. He leaves for clinic. Mona says she played smart and handled situation, else she will lose Ria. Suri hangs dupatta in balcony and signals Simran. Simran sees Mona sleeping holding red pillow, silently slips off pillow and holds it. Suri understands she is in danger. Phone rings and she picks it. Mona wakes up and shouts what is she doing, if she does not love Ria.

Ria shows how dumb side and asks goons to free her as she does not want to play game anymore. Jogi says this is real kidnap and not game. She asks to speak loudly. He says they will be killed. She says what kill… Goons smirk hearing and seeing her dumbness.

Sumedh speaks over phone and says she is under CCTV surviellance and he is watching her. He asks Mona to go and check if someone is watching them. She looks at balcony. Suri hides. Sumedh says she will lose Ria if she does not obey her. She asks what she should do. Sumedh says her husband will do instead and she has to convince him to kill minister as he is minister’s personal doc. Simran pleads him to leave Ria, she will do whatever she says.

Jassi hears dog barking and runs towards dog and sees dog attacking Jogi. Dog sees her and runs behind her next.

Precap: Jassi hears Sumedh over walkie talkie telling his goons that Ria and Jogi are under his control and he wants them to catch Adi and Jassi soon.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. so let me get this straight sumedh wants to catch only riya jogi jassi adi what abt amy abhid or sumedh thinking abt these two also
    this is drag fest common cvs end this track lagta friday ko amyabhid will get to know sumedh evil intetion too because tommorow jassi will get to know about sumedh truth
    phir monday mission minister ko marna oh no

  2. Ha yaar so true par minister ke saat kiya dushmani hai

    1. pata nahi
      woh cvs hi jaane lol
      riya and amy both are dumb

  3. he guys i m new in commenting here…. sumed ko army se nikal diya tha isliye shayad badla lene ke liye wo minister ko marna chahta hai……par yeh toh cultural minister hai dushmani toh defense minster se honi chahiye….
    in school when Jassi says she saw a gunman on terrace n Sumed does not listens to her that time i had a little bit doubt on him…. actually i have stopped watching the show only tellyupdates but still i feel they r dragging to much….

    1. n y does he want to kidnap every1??? usko mtlab toh sirf Ria se hai na…

      1. he wants to catch jogi aditya and jassi because they know his real truth
        but he left out amy abhid

  4. What is real name of jasi ria jogi n adi

    1. riya -bhavika sharma
      jogi – anuj pandit sharma
      jassi – diana khan
      aditya – jitendra nokewal
      abhid -sanjay dhakka , amy -vaani sehegal

  5. I think Aamir Dalvi playing Sumer was brought back to the show as perhaps he has joined another show and they brought this twist to make his character interesting
    Did you guys notice he normally speaks in his usual tone, i think his haryanvi act was all acting….

  6. Homant Kaushik

    What is the real name of jassi mother ,her father ,and the new character Mona?

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