Parvarish 2 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ms. Saxena warns Jassi and Jogi that she would have informed principal about their deed and got them caught, but she spared them and they will see a tough competition now. Jogi says Jassi that they get tough coaches always and continues.

Kulvinder tells Surinder that his children have read all general knowledge books and can win any competition. He continues praising his children.

Ms. Saxena gathers students and tells she has changed competition rules and now she will make team of different school students and not from same shool. They all get tensed. She makes separate teams of Ankita, Ria, Adi, Jassi and Jogi. Jogi says Jassi he wanted to enjoy buzzer round with her, but coach separate their brother-sister duo.

Kulvinder delivers catering order to a children’s birthday party. Manager thanks him for coming on time. Kulvinder thanks him for giving opportunity and says his food is clean, tasty, on time delivery, etc.. Manager asks him to become a clown and get 20,000 rs in exchange. Kulvinder hesitates. Manager asks him to imagine his children in these children and act as clown for just one hour. Kulvinder reminisces that he has to pay children’s fees and agrees.

Ms. Saxena starts questions and Jassi presses buzzer repeatedly and answers right. All students get jealous of her.

Precap: Saxena questions. Jassi presses buzzer and hearing beep sound falls unconscious.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Jassi kitna baar faint hogi, Jhonty is cutie , bechara abhid kiske saath phas gaya ankita, Amy is jealous seeing Jassi n Jhonty in one team lol

    1. Lol anita, agar ankita rahul kipaas ageyi no to boot khushh hoge. Aise hua kya? Sorry maine pura episode nehe dekha.

      1. rahul toh ankita ko ignore karta hain
        ankita aditya made for each other couple hain

      2. Ahahaha… I guess adi will start dating jassi after dumping riya… I guess he will never reveal that he wished bad for her in soty. He would just dumped her, make her heartbreak and go to jassi. Cuz remember when adi was dancing with jassi in the first party when adi was intro? So, I think jassi and adi are a couple although they are not meant for each other ?

  2. ananya i dont want riya and jassi turning enemies for that mean guy aditya ( whats happening in kaaala teeka – dj other show in zee tv gaurie yug kaali )
    i think rahul or jhonty s paired opposite jassi
    jassi doesnt like aditya plus do you think jogi will let aditya come close to his sister not in a million years lol
    aditya and ankita should be a couple in my opinion

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