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Parvarish 2 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulvinder calls Surinder and says he is coming home to have samosas. Surinder says she is market. He says he will pick her up. She says she has a lot of groceries and will come via auto and anyways there is a lot of traffic. He says he will come somehow. She says she will reach home before he comes and disconnects call.

At home, Biji starts her tantrums and says her BP and sugar are getting high without snacks and tea and Surinder has not reached home yet. Jogi and Jassi taunt her that BP gets low without food and not high and laugh. Biji asks not to joke and prepare tea and samosas for her. Jogi jokes she is allergic to maida. Biji says he is right, she will have brown bread. Jogi asks Jassi not to prepare samosas then. Biji says they will see when she will die. Jassi says she will bring tea.

Simran enters with Ria and Ria apologizes everyone for her mistake yesterday. Jassi says she came on right time as she needs her help in preparing tea. Simran says she wants to take them all for Punjabi chat street and praises chat taste. Kulvinder hesitates, but Biji agrees. Simran takes them all to chat sreet. She calls Surinder and says not to worry, she is handling situation here.

Simran gets afraid seeing her MIL passing by and tells darji that her MIL knows where Surinder is. Darji shouts chat is very spicy and he needs sweets. Simran says she will get him icecream and forces everyone towards car. MIL sees her and asks what is she doing here instead of attending mata ki chawki. Simran says she brought her neighbors for chat. MIL starts insulting them and says they should also attend mata ki chawki and see how lavish way Delhites celebrate. Biji says Amritras people celebrate it for 10 days and boasts. Kulviinder says they will go home. Biji inists she will atttend mata ki chawki. Simran hesitantly takes them all to the venue.

At venue, MIL continues praises and Biji her boastings. Surinder serves prasad to people but does not notice family. Aditya comes there to sing and Jassi/Ria get happy seeing him and enjoy bhajans. Surinder comes second time and Simran points her at family. She gets tensed.

Precap: Kulvinder calls Surinder. She sees his number and turns to see him standing in front of her.

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