Parvarish 2 18th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Adi enters CCTV room and complains Sumer that Ria pushed Jogi in swimming pool and is electrocuting him, he should save Jogi and disqualify Ria. Chair turns and Adi is shocked to see Ria. Ria gives him a tight slap and he falls down. Jogi comes and reminnisces how Ria trusted him and asked to help her testing Adi and rest of the drama. He asks Adi still how low he will stoop. Ria says Jogi was always right, Adi wanted to get her out of SOTY competition, reminisces all the incidents and says she fought with her mom for Adi and got this from him. She runs out and sits in a garden crying. Jogi follows and consoles her and she hugs him and cries loudly.

Simran comes to Sumer’s cabin and says she wants Ria to be out of competition. Sumer says all students are under CCTV coverage

and nothing wrong will happen, she should trust her daughter first. Simran reminisces Jogi and Ria together and Surinder warning her to control Ria instead of alleging Jogi. She says Sumer that her daughter is safe outside and not with her classmates, especially Jogi. Sumer assures that Jogi is harmless and Ria is safe. He goes to CCTV room and sees Adi walking out of it, asks what is he doing here. Adi nervously says he came to say sorry. Sumer checks CCTV footage and thinks what was Adi doing here.

Kulvinder says Surinder that he will ask Jogi if there is something between him and Ria. Surinder asks her not to doubt their son. He says then why would Simran wrongly allege my son. Jogi and Jassi enter. Surinder says Jogi he needs to talk. Surinder says chhildren camehome after 3 days, let them have something. Jogi and Jassi go to their rooms to freshen up. On dining table, Jassi describes all the incidents happened during competition and Jogi sits silently. Kulvinder says Jassi used to be silent always and Jogi used to blah blahhhh everytime, today it is opposite. Jogi says he has stomach upset and leaves. Jassi follows him. Kulvinders signals Surinder that Simran must be right.. Ria tells Raj all the incidents and says she came 3rd. He says she needs to be careful. She says Jassi got Ankita out. Simran asks what about Jogi. Ria says he is in and silently says thank god he opened her eyes. She asks what…Ria says nothing and goes to her room. Simran thinks she needs to ask Ria bout bracelet.

Jogi feels nervoulsy thinking about kissing Ria’s forehead and kissing her while consoling her. Jassi comes and he scolds why did she tell parents about him and Ria. She asks what did she say. He says he is going to Simran’s home…She says she will accompany him. He says no need and walks out. Jassi thinks what happened to him. Kulvinder tells Surinder that Jogi iswrong this time. Surinder says there is nothing like that, Jogi must have helped Ria like a friend. He asks then why did he run to his room, something is wrong. She will speak to him.

Ria searches her cupboard and oes not find bracelet. Simran shows it and asks who gave it. Ria runs from there. Simran catches her and asks again who gave her. Jogi enters and he gave her. Ria says Jogi means… Jogi says aunty knows everything now and there is nothing to hide. Simran gives him bracelet and asks why did he buy costly gift to her daughter. He says he loves Ria. He slaps her and asks how dare she is and says that is why he took Ria aside on holi day. Ria tries to speak, but Jogi stops her and says let her know that he loves her. Simran tries to slap him again, but Surinder comes and holds her hand and says it is enough now. Simran asks her to ask her son why did he give answer papers to Ria and why did he take her aside on holi day. Surinder says she is hearing her complaints since long time, but she believes her son, asks Jogi if Simran is telling truth. Jogi stands silently…Simran taunts if she realized what is in her son’s mind. Surinder asks Jogi if Simran is telling truth. Jogi says yes.

Precap: Simran says Surinder that she forgave Jogi as he is her friend’s son, and if he comes near Ria, she will file police complaint.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Omg what is this…..I think now Ria should say the truth…..Jogi unnecessarily getting blamed for that papers n all

  2. when will ria speak up? This is ridiculous that she is just standing there crying and listening but won’t speak up. She knows Jogi is lying for her so rather then seeing him get in trouble why can’t she say the truth? Just get it out Ria, your only creating more problems. And jogi stop lying for the truth. if u really loved her you would tell the truth.

  3. Honestopinion

    This is ridiculous!!!! Y the hell did jogi take the blame?!!!!! & Ria needs to step in & tell the truth

  4. Omg ria kitni buri h avi b wo sch nai bol rhi nd jogi wo kyun pgla rha h plz reveal the truth

  5. Why is jogi helping riya?and even if she helps her ,dosent she need to consider that jogi has feelings for her?this is completely unacceptable.

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