Parvarish 2 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suri asks Jassi what is she hiding from her. Jogi comes to her rescue and says they are going to tuition. Suri asks Jassi where. Jassi stammers nervously. Jogi says at school. Suri says she is questioning Jassi and asks to call school. Jogi says since they could not attend classes due to SOTY, they all go to Adi’s house for school and take tuition. A blackmailer calls Jassi and laughs. Suri asks who is it. Jassi says Adi and disconnects.

After Suri leaves, Jassi calls Ria and Adi over conference call and informs about blackmailer’s call. Adi says even he got a call and suggests they should change Raj’s car color. In the morning, Raj gets ready for his clinic and sees his car black. He fumes. Kulvinder passes by and comments he does not like black color, then why did get his car painted black. Raj fumes and calls Simran. Simran asks why did he repaint his car. He says he did not. She sees Ria, Jogi, Adi, and Jassi standing behind wall holding spray paint bottle (seriously painting big car with a small bottle). She catches them and asks why did they do this. They all point each other and say surprise and escape one by one.

Raj questions Ria and asks why did she paint his car black when she knows he does not like black color. She says she wanted to give him a surprise. He says she spoilt his car and now he has to spend a lot to get it repainted. Kulvinder scolds Jassi and Jogi on the other side and Suri says she wants to meet their tuition teacher.

At school, Adi, Jassi, Ria, and Jogi think how to get a teacher now. Rahul diguises as teacher and makes some jokergiri. Jogi gets kidnapper’s call who says they are falling deep into their own lies and will get trapped or he will force them to trap. Rahul suggests to bribe kidnapper.

Precap: Simran tells Suri Adi and Jogi are making big mistake of trying to bribe ACP, if they are caught, they will go to jail. Adi and Jogi walk towards ACP while he waits for them.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Alisha

    Now, I am curious to know who the blackmailer is? First they made us wait for like 1 week, just to reveal that the guy they rammed the car into is none other than Abhimanyu now this blackmailer. I hope it turns out to be Simran’s ex boyfriend, that would be fun to watch cuz I can’t tolerate this track anymore. Wait a second, did Rahul know that Jassi, Jogi, Ria and Aditya ramming the car into Abhimanyu? I don’t think so, or maybe I missed that episode. Anyways.. Even I have a doubt that Rahul is upto something. He is not what he looks like or maybe he is. This is getting confusing day by day.. ??

    1. blackmailer is dcp or some one else
      i find something fishy about this rahul he’s not innocent
      why is he giving wrong advise to his friends
      anyways diana confirmed on instagram that the show is ending in june end or july

  2. D gorrila makes me laugh

  3. Hey, wat abt 16th June update??

  4. Adi was so jealous of rahul..n d way hogi behaves is so he was snatching d chocolate from rahul, when he offered jassi a chocolate.

  5. *jogi not hogi

  6. Ohhhh sht…..this gonna too much… is rahul really innocent or not .. i hve doubt oon rahul… he’s nt as innocent as he was pretending..?? Hope This cnfsn will clear soon i can’t wait nw.. to knw who’s the black maler…???

  7. Is the show is going off airr plese someone tell me…. 🙁 🙁

    1. yes the show is ending on 18th july diana khan(jassi ) confirmed it on instagram .
      its on twitter too

  8. Kyu yrrr aisa kyu kr rhe ye log ….
    Show to thk jaarha na phr aisa kyu kr rhee… it’s not fairr…
    Nd thanksss anita”dr…

  9. Thanks”anita kyu kr rhe hai show offfair

    1. Anita

      low trps

  10. tht rahul guy n aditya are great frnds in real life.

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