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Parvarish 2 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surinder cries in guilt of telling lie to Kulvinder. Kulvinder asks what happened. She says she is feeling heavy after eating samosas. He says her heart is heavy and not stomach. They both hear sound outside and walk into balcony. They see Akhil carrying Jassi and run down. Akhil says she hit her head and knee on dashboard as she did not wear seat belt. Kulvinder asks him to drop Jassi down. Akhil says she will fall and leans her on chair. Raj says they should take Jassi in. Kulvinder tries to pick her and smells alcohol. Jassi says Akhil gave her alcohol to lessen her pain. Kulvinder and Surinder start beating him. He says he applied alcohol on Jassi’s wounds to stop bleeding as alcohol has spirit in it and is a disinfectant. Raj praises his common sense. Kulvinder takes

Jassi home. Dadi and dada also get concerned seeing her condition.

Simran scolds driver for driving carelessly. He reminisces Ria pleading not to tell mom and apologizes Simran. She says he will lose job. Akhil asks Ria to tell truth show her coolness. She says driver is not at mistake and Jassi did not wear seat belt. Akhil angrily tries to leave. Simran asks him to tell truth. He says she should ask her daughter and leaves.

Raj nurses Jassi’s wounds and says one should tell truth always and says inside car there can’t be mud, pointing at her knee injury. Jassi gets nervous. Jogi hears that.

Raj goes back home and asks Ria what happened. She nervously says she is tired and wants to sleep. Raj says she has a home and bed to sleep, but driver will sleep on road with his wife and children as he will lose job today. She gets more nervous and says it was accident. He says driver cannot make any mistake and should be punished.

Jogi asks Jassi when did she become so smart and says car does not have mud inside and even if she strikes head on dash board why did not air bag deploy. Jassi gets tensed. Surinder asks Jassi if she is hiding something.

Simran suspends driver. Ria asks not to suspend him. Simran asks to tell truth then, she knows she has done all this. Ria apologizes and says she was afraid. Simran says she is a habitual lier and lied that only boys will attend party and even forced driver to lie. Ria says Jassi is at mistake. Simran raises hand to slap, but Surinder holds her hand.

Precap: Surinder says Simran that Ria dared to tell truth and she should forgive her. Ria asks if she should kneel down like in childhood. Kulvinder asks if Ria made Jassi’s accident.

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