Parvarish 2 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surinder cries thinking how to arrange Jassi’s one year school fees. Darji sees her crying and asks what happened. She tells him about school fees. Darji enourages that she will find out solution and gives example of tigress in jungle who fights with everyone to protect her children.

Kulvinder comes home and sees Jogi running behind Jassi. He punishes Jogi and Jassi laughs. Surinder smiles seeing that. Darji says her that Jassi for the first time talking about her future career and was very excited, she is out of all these fears.

Ria speaks to her male friend over phone. Daadi enters and asks whom she is speaking to. Ria says a friend. Dadi says let her check as in her days, parents used to check children’s diary. Ria says this is mobile age. Simran signals her not to misbehave. Daadi laaughs she is naughty and leaves.

Kulvinder tells Surinder that he filed adoption papers and soon they will get Jassi’s legal custody. Surinder thinks if she should inform him about school fees or not and finally thinks to inform. She gives him school letter. He reads it and says he already told her not to stretch legs beyond bedsheet, but she was adamant. She apologizes and asks him to think about something. He says he promised to take care of his children and will find some solution. She happily hugs him.

Simran tells her MIL that Ria should not have misbehaved with her and apologizes on Ria’s behalf. MIL says Ria is spoilt because of her wrong upbringing and lack of time for her due to job comittment.

Kulvinder calls all his friends but does not get money to pay Jassi’s fees. Simran calls Surinder and asks to meet her outside right now. Surinder tells Kulvinder that they can borrow money from Simran. He scolds her that they cannot borrow money from Simran and says he will arrange money somehow.

Surinder meets Simran and asks whappened. Simran says she failed as a mother as Ria has grown arrogant and insults elders. Suridner consoles her and says Ria’s little mischieves are her strength and she will never make her parents ashamed.

Precap: Ria beats a boy on road. Police reaches there and asks her to give he parent’s number.

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