Parvarish 2 15th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria with Jassi enjoys party after Surinder’s permission. She dances while Jassi revolves around her. Classmate boy comes and clashes with Jassi as usual. Ria gets mesmerized with his charm and stares him. He leaves.

Surinder serves samosas to family. Jogi says they are having boring samosas here and Jassi is enjoying colas and pizzas in party, if he would have been there, he would have rocked with his dancing moves and lured girls. Kulvinder says he will slap him now.

Ria walks behind boy and stares at him while talking. Jassi comes there. Boy comes near Ria and she gets shy. He says her tail has come. Ria sees Jassi and fumes.

Surinder tries to tell Kulvinder about scholarship, but he walks out from kitchen into hall. Family shares lighter moment

and laugh.

Ria gets irked with Jassi, calls all her friends, introduces Jassi to them and leaves with boy, leaving Jassi among friends. Friends starts bullying Jassi and ask her to dance, else to get joker makeup like during ragging. Jassi starts crying. Boy who is with Ria sees that and goes to rescue Jassi. He says Jassi will dance and asks DJ to play Poora London Thumakda song and dances with Jassi. Ria gets jeaous seeing that. As an oil on fire, her puppet friend taunts that her boyfriend is getting attracted to Behanji. Ria says Behanji is very intelligent and acts.

Ria takes Jassi out and yells that she is oversmart and she should not have brought here. Jassi says she would have enjoyed playing carrom with her family. Ria continues fighting with her. Jassi says she wants to go home. All friends watch their fight standing at a distance. Ria sees that and says fine, they will go, but she will not take her along.

Surinder prays god that she has to inform Kulvinder about Jassi’s scholarship somehow. Kulvinder comes and asks what is she praying. Surinder says she is praying for Jassi as she has gone alone for the first time.

Ria gets into car and tries to leave. Jassi stands in front and says she will not let her go. Ria raises accelator and shouts to let her go. She gets call and leaves accelator. Car rams Jassi and she falls unconscious and injured.

Simran tells Raj that she felt very good today speaking to Surinder. Raj says she as a friend vented out her anger on Surinder, but should realizes that her friend also has a heart and can feel bad, she should be careful while talking.

Precap: Raj treats injured Jassi at hospital and tells Kulvinder and Surinder that Jassi is a bit inebriated. Boy says he forced her to drink as she was in pain. Kulvinder and Surinder angrily beat boy.

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  1. Is the boy who said he forced jassi to drink as she was in pain was the one wearing the orange coat?

  2. Yes he was the same boy aditya looks like a love triangle between riya aditya jassi

    1. I think riya will fall in love with him but he would fall in love with jassi but jassi wouldnt.

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