Parvarish 2 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sumer disqualifies Ankita for accepting all her crimes. Jassi says she used her own trick to defeat her. Jogi taunts Ankita and Ankita angrily leaves. Everyone congratulate Jassi except Ria. Jogi holds Ria’s hand and says she realized now that Adi is a big lier. Ria pushes him and leaves. Jogi then praises his sister. They hear Sumer’s whistle and run in.

Sumer then gathers all remaining students and says Ankita is out of SOTY and task’s winners. He tells competition will be tough next and they will have to become tigers than a rat. He further says they have 2 hours to enjoy till the next rigorous task and they can do anything including dancing and singing. Everyone walk out. He stops Adi and warns him for lying and says he will not give him next chance.


sits alone while other students sing and dance. Rahul says she looks so cute alone. Jassi says sorry.. He says he mean Sumer sir gave nice speech about rat. Jassi asks if he means she is a rat. Rahul says no. Jogi sees him with Jassi and starts his jokergiri. Jassi says she will prepare halwa for everyone. Jogi says he loves mamma’s halwa and asks her to give him first and then others.

Ria goes to Adi. Adi gets tensed. She says Jogi is flying high and she wants to teach him a lesson. Adi relaxes that she did not realize yet that he is just using her to win SOTY. She says she wants to push Jogi in water and give him electric shock. Adi says he may die. Ria says she is doc’s daughter and has some medical knowledge. Adi agrees.

Jassi prepares halwa and takes it to CCTV room for Sumer. Sumer shows her CCTV footage where Ankita burns her answer papers. Jassi asks if he knew it before. Sumer says he told everyone at the beginning that they are under close surveillance. He says she overreacted by confronting Ankita. She thanks him for giving her justice. He says she should thank her parents as they work hard for her upbringing. He says he does not want any black mark on his career and she should be honest hereon.

Ria calls Jogi near swimming pool and says he is right Adi is a lier and starts crying. Jogi asks her not to cry and turns. She pushes him in swimming pool and drops live electric wire in water. He gets electric shocks. Adi watches silently from balcony, runs to CCTV room and tells Sumer that Ria is electocuting Jogi in swimming pool and he should rescue Jogi and disqualify Ria. Chair turns and he is shocked to see Ria. Ria gives him a tight slap and he falls down.

Precap: Simran tells Sumer she has given too much leniance to Ria. Sumer says all students are under his surveillance and Jogi is not a bad boy. Jogi consoles Ria and hugs her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Best show #om
    g I love this show ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Ankita has finally been shown her place. Adi itna stupid hai lol. I can’t believe that riya alr found out about this truth.

  3. I am loving Rahul and Jassi as a pair. Even Jogi and Ria look cute. I am happy ria saw the real face of Adi. But I guess Simran will again misunderstand Jogi

  4. I am loving Rahul and Jassi as a couple. They look very cute. Finally ria realised about the real intension of Adi. I guess simran will again misunderstand jogi

  5. Rahul n jassi looks cute together but hamesha jogi aa jata hai bechara rahul
    N jogi n jassi is such a nice cool brother sister Jodi he always encourage & support jassi ??

  6. surprise twist in the serial…m hpy that aditya n ankita gt exposed.

  7. yes bhagwan ne hamari sun li i mean cvs lol
    thank god anki got disqaulified and that aditya got caught red handed yay party
    jassi n rahul are too cute and finally riya is back on track
    the best slap in the whole series

  8. Jassi and rahul looking nice together .. ??

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