Parvarish 2 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Me and my friends

    Feeling very disappointed. Not going to watch or read parvarish updates anymore. Goodbye people

  2. Me and my friends

    I like this serial. But dragging on same scene for months.
    First soty was dragged for nearly 3-4 months
    Jungle track for nearly a month
    Next, for another 2 months, accident scene
    Then for another 4-5 months, adoption scene
    For another 1 month, exams scene
    And finally serial is doing to end. 🙁 I’m feeling sad now only.

    (These dialogues were said by my friend today)

  3. HATE SONY TV want to kill danish khan and sony channel
    sony u suck dekh lena kuch rang and ek duje will also flop like other new other shows tooooooo
    indian broadcasting team pls shift PV2 to zee tv , colors or life ok channel

  4. What is happning? There has been no episode since last 2 days? Is the show going off air or what? See the point is that a major auidence loved the show but when there is no telecast it really becomes disappointing 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. Is the show going off air?

  6. I am sick of this!!! If they think this is a way to earn trp then guess what IT ISN’T!!!!!!!!!! I’m never watching this show again no matter how good the topic is. The hav no right to be playing games with us.

  7. See we all love the show specially jogi-riya’s jori but why is there no telecast since past 2 days? What’s happning? Nowguys com on u can’t end it in such a middle ground…lol sur paer tho home chaie naa…feeling highly disappointed….wait honestly boolu tho Sony TV par there is no other show which I prefer to watch except for parvarish season2…parvarish season 2 is my fav. …it’s even better than parvarish season 1…

  8. We are not interested to watch your mythological drama……not sure even if its showing truth. At least Parvarish has a socail message for todays generation.

  9. I what parvarish2 back on the same time monday to friday plzzzzzz do something i dont what to see your mythological drama any more every one know about the hanuman and mahabarath plzzzz cut it off and make pv2 more intersting I Love pv2 veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much

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