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Parvarish 2 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surinder tells Simran that her Jassi is going for party for the first time. Sirman says not to worry, she will adjust. Surinder says she is more tensed than her and asks if she remembers their younger days when they used to attend parties. Simran says our children are following us. Surinder says let us party. They both enjoy popcorn and watch their young day pics together. Yaara barson baad mile…song..plays in the background. Simran asks what was Kulvinder talking about scholarship. Surinder says she lied him that school gives scholarship to brilliant students.

Ria and Jassi reach party venue and get in. Jassi gets tensed seeing boys and tells Ria that there are many boys and some are not from our college. Ria says she knows and asks her also to enjoy dancing. Jassi says

mamma and aunt told us to take care of each other and inform if anything happens, she should inform them that boys are there in party. Ria says she will inform that many people are there, not to worry.

Ria calls Simran. Her classmate thinks Jassi is calling her, snatches phone from Ria, and tells Simran that her daughter always clashes with her and looks like she is in love with him. Simran fumes in anger. Ria disconnects call and says she was calling her mom and not Jassi.

Simran tells Surinder that boys are also in party and Ria lied them. Surinder says she should reminisce her younger days and trust Ria. Simran starts crying and says she got cheated by her boyfriend when she trusted him and she does not want Ria to be heart broken by anyone. Surinder consoles her and says she should trust Ria and says if her boyfriend had not left her, she would not have got Raj. Simran leaning on Surinder’s shoulders she missed her shoulders when she broke up. Surinder says she is always with her mentally.

Jassi insists Ria to call mom and tell truth. Ria calls. Jassi takes phone and tells Simran that she want to speak to her and confess that they are in co-ed party. Simran asks her to switch on speaker and let her speak to Ria. She scolds Ria that she lied her, so she will be punished. Ria gets tensed. Simran says her punishment is she can be in party till 9 and reach back home at 9:30 p.m. Ria gets happy. Simran says she does not Jassi’s first party spoiled and they both should enjoy and reach home by 9:30 p.m. Ria happily says yes and disconnects call. Surinder tells Simran that she gave a big shock. They both hug and smile.… plays in the background.

Precap: Ria plays with car clutch and increases throttle. Jassi from outside asks her to get out of car. Ria sees Simran’s call and leaves clutch. Car crushes Jassi and she calls down.

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