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Parvarish 2 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ankita cries in front of Sumer that Jassi burnt her papers and even pushed her. Sumer says Jassi should prove herself by 12 noon tomorrow, else she will be disqualified from SOTY competition. Jassi and Jogi are shocked while Ankit and Adi smirk.

Jassi feels very sad after this. Jogi tries console her. Jassi says she was better suffering and when she confronted, she has to leave SOTY competition. Jogi says she did right by confronting Ankita and now he will teach Ankita a lesson.

Ria says Adi that she knows Ankita and Jassi well, Ankita is always a trickster, but Jassi is very honest, she does not think Jassi will do anything wrong. Adi says he was in the room and saw Jassi burning Ankita’s papers and pushing her down. Rahul hears their conversation and thinks Adi is plainly


Jogi with Jassi goes to Sumer and says he cannot handle hard tasks of SOTY, so he will back off from competition. Jassi says no, he says shut up. Sumer after some moral gyaan in his style says he can dismiss or disqualify him until he does anything. Jogi goes out and calls Adi a lier. Their fight starts. Sumer gives Jogi a red plate and says it is a warning for him and if he does anything wrong again, he will be disqualified.

Jassi and Jogi sit alone silently. Ankita comes and calls them loser and they are unfit for the competition. She continues teasing them and leaves.

Jassi packs her bags and walks towards main door. Sumer starts next competition round and says students have to shoot a mud pot and set off fire below with pot’s water. Ria’s turn comes. She holds gun and says it is very heavy, how will she shoot pot. Adi comments just like she hit his heart with her smile. She shoots pot in 1 shot. Jogi’s turn comes and even he shots pot in 1 shot. Ankita tells Adi that she will go and taunt Jassi and come back. Adi says enjoy the game. Ankita silently walks out from competion. Sumer watches her moving and follows her. Ankita goes to Jassi and accepts all her crimes, from pushing her into water, tearing her swimming costume, etc. She turns and is shocked to see Sumer and other students standing and says she was just joking with Jassi as it is already 12 noon and she is leaving. Rahul says it is just 11:30 and they changed everyone’s watch time except her. She looks at her watch and sees 11:30 a.m. and fumes. Sumer says Jassi proved her innocence and leaves. Jogi taunts Ankita and she fumes.

Precap: Jogi tells Ria that his mammaji tells one should be honest to self. Ria tells Adi that they should give shock to Jassi and throw her in water.

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