Parvarish 2 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surinder and Kulvinder bring family to club house on Jassi and Jogi’s insistence. They walk leaving Jassi and Jogi to play near pool and meet Sweety who says she has a meeting here, so she is waiting for someone. Jogi asks Jassi if she trusts him. She says yes as he is her brother. He pushes her in swimming pool. Jassi shouts for help. Surinder and Kulvinder jump into pool to save her. Biji and Darji shout for help as they both don’t know to swim. Life guard jumps in and saves all 3 of them.

Kulvinder and Surinder scold guard for not jumping on time. Biji says it is okay as all are fine now. Sweety who watches everything carefully says she saw everything how Jogi pushed Jassi. Kulvinder and Surinder try to defend Jogi. She tells them how Jogi met her today and

told how much his parents and whole family loves Jassi and cannot live without her. She says she came to take Jassi away from them, but realized nobody can take care of her better than them and even can risk their lives for her. Kulvinder and Surinder say any parents would do same. Sweety wishes them good luck and leaves. Jogi then delivers his emotional speech and impress family to shed emotional tears.

Whole family reaches home. Simran comes with her family and asks how did Jassi fall down. Jogi says he pushed her. Simran is shocked to hear that and asks why. Whole family stares at him eagerly. He says to teach her swimming as she always gets into water holding his hand. Everyone smile at him. Surinder goes and hugs him. He says he has grown up now and not a kid. Everyone laugh more.

Surinder goes to Jassi’s room and sees her sleeping in balcony. She says she will catch cold. Jassi drags her also on bed. They both watch stars and Surinder says her parents are stars now and shows her brightest star. Jassi says she is her brightest star and hugs her. They then see falling star and Surinder asks Jassi to pray. Jassi prays and says she wants to be with her mamma pappa always. Surinder prays for her brightest future. Jassi says she wants to become a doctor. Surinder says she wants her to be a brightest star of this world and people should address her as Jassi’s mother.

Precap: Jogi encourages Jassi to pursue her dream and fulfill mamma’s wish. Surinder gets school letter and tensely informs Darji that school sent a notice to pay 1 year’s fees within 1 week.

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  1. Really liked Jogi in today’s episode
    Truly today Jogi was a hero
    But why so much screen space to jassi i thought riya was also a lead and Jogi and aditya parralel leads and dolly supporting lead

    1. shruti rohida

      even I thought ria is main lead .without ria I just don’t like to watch this show

      1. Me too . I want a riya centric track too and more school scenes . Teenage drama is exciting and way better .

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