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Parvarish 2 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Coach gives students a challenge and divides them into 2 teams. Two students climb a drum and are tied together with their back faced on each other. Their partner student has to listen their question and write answer in next room. Jassi and Jogi are paired and Jassi and Adi on other side followed by other students. Coach gives question slips. Ria and Jogi read question. Adi and Jassi try to find out answer in book. Coach asks them to go to next room and wait for 30 min and then write answer.

Surinder looks at her family photo frame and thinks Nikki/Simran is overeacting. Simran comes and says she is not. She shows Adi gifted bracelet to Ria and says Jogi gave her to Ria and he is behind Ria always, Khurana family is wasting money like this. Surinder says her son does not hide anything with her and they don’t waste money like this. Their argument starts. Surinder says Ria must have lied as usual. Simran asks Surinder to keep Jogi under control, else she will go to police. Kulvinder comes and says she can complain right now and he will accompany her.

After 30 min, students write answers on paper. Jassi writes answer first and goes for next question. Ankita gets jealous and tells Adi that she could not write answer. She burns Jassi’s answer paper.

Surinder asks Kulvinder to calm down and let her handle this issue. Simran yells again to keep her son under control and leaves. Kulvinder says she shouted in their own house and went. Surinder says we cannot go wrong like her. Kulvinder says he knows his son well and knows he cannot do anything wrong. Surinder assures that she will handle this issue.

Jassi sees Ankita burning her answer sheet and says she caught her redhanded. Ankita starts tauting her and asks who will believe her. Jassi pushes her on floor and burns her answer paper. Ankita says she will complain against her. Jassi asks who will believe her. Sumer enters and says he will believe and says Jassi that she became tigress suddenly from wet cat and is a culprit. Ankita smirks.

Precap: Sumer asks Jassi to prove innocence by 11 a.m., else she will be out of SOTY.

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  1. what will jassi do to prove her innoence to sumer for ankita mistakes

  2. Asma Abdullahi

    What the f**k is wrong wid this writers……..and i totally agree wid u swetha……..i cant just believe it

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