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Parvarish 2 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi and Adi find Sumed Singh’s injured assistant under tree leaves and he dies saying Sumed, save… Jassi says Sumed sir is in danger and they need to save him. Ria walks with Sumedh and says she met Jogi in the morning.. Jogi sees Ria walking with Sumedh and runs towards them, slips on stone and falls down. Ria hears sound and asks what was that. Sumedh says it is jungle and sounds are common. He asks his goons to check. Goons walk holding gun and discuss that it must be girl’s friend and they should kill him this time. Jogi watches them hiding behind tree.

Aditya panicks that Jassi was right, there are real goons along with Sumed’s team, now they are gone. Ria says they have to save themselves and others. Aditya continues crying. Jassi asks him to be courageous.

Adi relaxes and says she has changed for good. Jogi sees goons searching him holding gun and walks behind them. They search tree leaves on ground and discuss that once they catch boy, they will kill them for sure. Jogi thinks this issue is serious.

Surinder and Kulvinder go to principal’s cabin. Principal says children are safe and he is watching them over CCTV footage. Surinder asks why Sumed changed his name and what about his court marshal. Principal says he changed name due to astrological issues and that court marshal article was fake. He gets a call that his house caught fire and wife is stuck in. He rushes from there. Kulvinder scolds Surinder for unncessarily worrying.

Simran speaks to woman who comes as Raj’s friend. Woman says Raj told about CCTV camera. Simran asks he even told her this and asks what else she knows. Woman says just that. Simran says now nobody can enter her house and her daughter is far away safe. Woman asks how can be she so sure. Simran says sorry… Woman says she is just telling.

Jassi slips and falls down.. Goons catch her and pick stone to crush her head. She pleads to spare her as she does not know anything. Goon says she knows a lot and throws stoone on her face. Surinder wakes up worried and it is just her dream. She informs Darji about her worry, but Darji says she is worried unncessarily and if children are in danger, they will find a way to reach them.

Jassi and Adi hear phone ring. The run and pick mobile. Jassi asks Adi not to pick call as goon must be calling. Goons think why nobody is picking call. Jassi then calls her landline. Surinder runs to pick it, but Jassi disconnects it. Adi calls his dad and he does not pick call. He then calls secretary who gives phone to dad, but dad scolds Aditya and disconects call. Jassi then calls Surinder’s mobile. Surinder picks call. Goon comes, and Adi pushes Jassi down. Goon walks away. Phone switches off. Surinder calls back, but finds phone switched off. Jassi gets more tensed. Adi cheers her up. Jassi asks what will they do. He says let us go. She says situation has gone worse. He forcefully gets her up and says Ria, Jogi and Sumed’s lives are in danger and they as a team have to save them.

Precap: Jogi and Adi are shocked to see goon with Sumedh. They call him from goon’s walkie talkie. Sumed says Ria is in his control and he has to catch Adi and Jogi.

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  1. Wow… now Adi jogi n jassi in one team together fighting the goons n sumed but wat is it with ria she’s behaving like an idiot . Use Kuch bhi samajh padta hai ki nahi BTW where is abid n Amy huh ..!!
    Directors sahi kaam nahi karte hai unhe toh bhul hi gaye

    1. can i ask who is abid and amy ?????

  2. the shw is bcum lik ekta kapoor’s serial.

  3. i think the principal’s voice is dubbed by someone else.

  4. maybe Jassi went to find Amy abhid
    Or maybe Amy abhid are hiding some where how will Jogi Aditya will fight with the terrorists n sumedh

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