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Parvarish 2 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi gets afraid to get down from balcony via ladder. Ria encourages her to get down. Surinder also reaches and encourages her to get down via ladder. Jassi starts descending ladder. Kulvinder runs up and asks her to come up, he will pick her up. Jassi comes down and slips on last step. Everyone get tensed, but Surinder holds her. Jassi says she got afraid that she will fall. Surinder says until she is there, nothing can happen to her.

Jogi enters when family is busy pampering Jassi and says now he knows whom they love most. Kulvinder scolds him and he stares at him. Darji orders him to apologize Kulvinder. He asks why should he and walks into his room.

Surinder follows him and tries to console him. He says he knows whom they all more and asks to take his oath that she loves him more. She gets nervous and says she will slap him if he tells that again and says he can hug her and know whom she loves most. He continues his drama and she continues consoling him.

Surinder and Kulvinder cry discussing about their children’s issue. Kulvinder says Jogi is getting away from them. Surinder says their love will set everything right. They crying hugging each other. Jassi enters and asks why are they crying. Surinder says they are laughing on a joke. Jassi says she will tell that joke to Jogi and make him laugh.

Jassi goes to Jogi’s room and tries to cheer him up with jokes, but he gets more angry.

In the morning, Surinder gathers family and tells Jogi and Jassi that they need to talk. Jogi thinks she wants to tell that he is adopted and says today is sunday and they should go to club house. Surinder says let me complete my words. Jogi says why will she listen to him, she will listen to only Jassi. Jassi says veerji is right, let us all go to club house. Surinder agrees. Jogi thinks he will finish the issue once for all.

Precap: Jogi asks Jassi if she trusts him. She says yes. He pushes her into swimming pool.

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