Parvarish 2 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi spreads grass around bamboo. Ankita asks Sumer not to let Jassi burn her plan. Jassi burns grass and says she did already. Bamboo burns and key falls down. Jassi says she knew key will not burn. Sumer announces her a winner and asks her team to rush and take as much food as they. Jassi’s team rushes and picks food. Ankita piles up her plate with food. Rahul asks if she will eat whole plate. She says she will eat only 1 poori and will throw rest. Sumer asks other teams next to rush and pick food. Both teams run. Ankita sits on a table with plate. Sumer sits in front of her and asks her to finish whole plate. He gives her yellow card and also hajmola. She eats food with great difficulty.

Surinder comes to Simran’s home and finds her in room. She knocks door. Simran does not react seeing her. Surinder reminisces Bebe’s words not to ruin their friendship for silly issues. She asks Simran to give her utensil. Simran says she has to search it in kitchen. Surinder says she forgave Ria and she should also forgive Jogi for bringing bhang in holi function.
Simran realizes that Jogi mixed bhang in food and took Ria with him.

Adi and Ankita discuss that they have to plan and get Jassi and Ria out of competition somehow. Ria comes and hears Jassi’s name and says Adi he does not have to trick to make her win and she will win honestly.

At night, all students sleep. Jassi sleeps next to Ankita. Ankita tries to bully her, but Jassi sleeps with eyes wide open. Ankita gets afraid and pulls blanket on her face. In the early morning, Sumer wakes up all students. Jogi does his jokergiri. Coach summons them all in a hall and says new competition’s rule. They will be divided in to 2 teams. One student will climb drum and find answer in a book, another student will run and write answer in another room. He wants to see how intelligent they are. He continues explaining rules.

Precap: Ankita tears papers and burns them. Jassi confronts her and burns even her papers and asks who will believe her now. Sumer enters and says he will.

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  1. will suman think jassi is wrong and disqualify here

  2. i don’t think so
    he might trick ankita in admitting all the wrong things she did to jassi

  3. Please Jassi stay in the competition Sumer should find out what Ankita dis

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