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Parvarish 2 11th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulvinder and Surinder browse online searching Sumed’s whereabouts and are shocked to see that he is a military officer with different name and has been court marshalled. Surinder asks if principal knows that Sumed Singh is restricated from army.

Sumedh shoots his assistant and he falls down. He asks assistant to cooperate with him or die. He calls principal and says he tried to call him via assistant’s mobile, but could not reach him. He can watch student’s movements on his screen. He then drags assistant.

Jassi and Adi run in jungle searching Ria and Jogi. Adi says let us inform Sumed. Jassi says if they are around, they can find Jogi. Adi asks what if it is Sumed sir new twist, they should meet him first.
Jogi continues searching Ria. Ria runs in jungle.

Sumedh watches her on his mobile screen and informs his armed goons to catch her. Jogi finds Ria’s watch on ground. Jassi also finds Jolgi’s kerchief with blood stains and cries. Adi says nothing must have happened to him, he must have got small injuries. Jassi says let us search him.

Sumedh speaks to his goon on walkie talkie and informs Ria’s location. Assistant says Sumedh he was children’s favorite, but he is trying to kill him. Sumedh says he is a free bird and nobody can catch him. He then shoots assistant again like a psychopath and hides him under leaves.

Jassi gets bee sting. She writhes in pain. Adi checks it and applies medicine on it and says they will go to camp and show it to doc. Jassi says she has to find Veere/Jogi first and does not want to go to camp back. She will break hand cuff with stone and take blame on her. He says he has changed and wil l take her to Jogi. She thanks him. He says she can thank him once Jogi is found. They both continue calling Ria and Jogi and searching them. Sumedh calls his goon and orders to shift to plan B.

Simran calls Raj and says she got resort pics and will send them to her. She sees no network. He asks her to call broadbond guy and disconnnects call. She sees even mobile and landline dead. She peeps out and sees policemen out. Door bell rings. Constable comes and says a lady came to meet her. Lady says Raj sent her as her phone is not working and asked to send resot pics via her. Simran takes her in.

Ria continues running and clashes with Sumedh. She excitedly says if he is found means she won this round. He says if she won, then he won. Jassi and Adi continue searching Jogi and Ria and sit on leave to rest. They feel something strange and see their hands smeared with blood. They both dig leaves and find asistant there. They throw water on him. He says Sumedh..sumedh.. and falls unconscious.

Sumedh scolds his goons for failing to catch Ria and asks Ria to walk with him. She asks where. He says to next point. She walks telling story.

Precap: Jassi pleads Sumed’s goons to spare her, she does not know anything. Goon picks stone to smash her head and says she knows more than required.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. wow… adi n jassi pairing?? interesting!!!

  2. i think jassi will find out about sumed so they are trying to kill him or ria found it

  3. Despite the fact that rahul n jassi were good together but Adi n jassi r more amazing when they r with each other … I don’t know why Anyways Yeh show toh thriller show ban gaya hai ?? .
    Can ANYONE tell me in the precap if the goons r trying to kill jassi then where is adi I mean they were handcuffed right …??

  4. I definitely ship jassi and adi <3

  5. in all this chaos where the heck is amy abhid two days are over and there are no wheere to be found . simran is so dumb lets that strager girl in shesa terrorist for sure .
    terrorist have found jassi n adi
    precap is scary actually todays episode was the most scary
    fake smedh yelling mein azad hoon psychopath kyun bana diya
    violent scenes disgusting
    i like jassi and adi scenes

  6. updater its not sumedh jatsya find its the asst bhaiya lol ;ppp

  7. I knew it DAT every1 will start liking jassi n adi

  8. Dey do look gd wid each other

  9. Adi badal gaya ya phier act kar raha hai
    jasi keliyen adi teek nahin hai jasi n rahul ache lagte hai sath mein.adi ko tho ankitha hee better evil and evil jodi nice na

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