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Parvarish 2 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi asks Surinder to convince Simran to permit Ria to attend her friend’s birthday party. Surinder says she should also accompany Jassi. Jassi says she does not want to. Daadi says parties as fun as men do bhangra and women dance. Surinder says this is not punjabi party. Jassi continues that she does not want to go. Surinder continues convincing her.

Surinder goes to Simran’s house and convinces her to let Ria attend party. Simran after a bit of hesitation agrees. Surinder says even Jassi is going along. Ria says she will not take behanji. Surinder says her Jassi wanted to attend party for the first time. Simran tells Ria if she does not take Jassi, then she will not give her permission. Ria angrily agrees.

Surinder informs Kulvinder about Jassi attending party. Kulvinder says he will not let her daughter change, etc. Surinder continuestrying to cinvince. He says his decision is final. He opens door and sees Jassi standing. He says her decision will be final. She enters and says she wants to attend party and see what happens there. He tries to convince, but she says she insists. He agrees at last.

Ria gets ready for party wearing short dress and applying dark lipstick. Surinder says it is very loud. Ria says her boyfriend likes her this way. Surinder is shocked and asks if she has a boyfriend now. Ria says she was just joking and not to take her words seriously. Simran says boyfriends are dangerous and will give only pain. Ria says to chill.

Jassi then gets ready wearing Simran’s selected dress. Simran praises her that she is looking very pretty. Jassi wears her usual shalwar kameez. Daadi says she is dumb like her father and will not change. Jassi leaves. Simran sees Jassi and says she is looking pretty as usual. Surinder says Ria is looking heroine though. Simran asks Ria to be with Jassi and don’t let her alone. Ria nods and leaves.

Precap: Simran calls Jassi, but her class boy picks call and says her daughter made him fall again today. Simran gets tensed that Ria is partying with boys. Surinder says in co-education it is common. Simran asks if she will teach her how to bring up her daughter now.

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