Parvarish 2 10th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simran gets afraid at home seeing the recent hidden camera incident. She sees door shaking and opens it. Raj comes in. She gets afraid and shouts. Raj asks what happened.

Sumed travels in jeep with his assistant searching students. Assistant says they have to make sure children are safe. Sumed praises him that he thought right for the first time. They both reach a spot where camera repeats and assistant says he told camera is repeating same scene.

Jassi and Adi continue walking. Jassi sees Ria’s bracelet on floor and says she saw it somewhere, reminisces it is Ria’s. Adi asks if she is sure. She says yes and Ria and Jogi must be in danger. He says let us find some more clue and while walking they see blood stains on stone. Adi says they should wave in front

of CCTV camera for help. They both wave hands in front of camera, but Sumed is in jungle searching them.

Kidnappers carry Ria. Ria asks why they kidnapped her. They say Sumed ordered them to kidnap her so that her partner finds her and it is a part of game. She says okay. They stop seeing Jogi standing in front of them and drop Ria down. Ria smiles seeing him. Jogi asks if they are from Sumed’s team and playing kidnapper game. They nod yes. He says then he has to beat them and rescue Ria. He runs and pins them down. The overpower him and one of them punches him. He asks why dd they punch him and asks Ria to run far away from them. She runs. One of them runs behind Ria.

Surinder gets worried for Jogi and Jassi. She calls principal and says she is unable to reach Sumed and wants to speak to her children once. He assures her not to worry as he is watching CCTV footage 24 hours. She then informs Kulvinder. Kulvinder scolds her that she is being overprotective and will embarrass children. She insists that she is worried.

Adi and Jassi continue searching Ria. Ria hides behind stone. Jogi comes searching and hides seeing goons ahead. He hears goons discussing to be careful about boy and kidnap girl silently. He realizes that they are real goons.

Sumed’s assistant hears Jogi calling Ria and tells him something is wrong. Someone fixes silencer to gun and shoots assistant. Assistant falls down. It is revealed that Sumed is the mastermind and he shoots assistant again and kills him.

Precap: Sumed calls his aide and orders to shift to plan B. Goon in constable’s dress tells Simran that someone wants to meet her. Ria sees Sumed and gets happy.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I was right sumed was the mastermind

  2. who was that girl in the precap
    omg sumed is the terrorist mastemind
    oh no riya jogi amy abhid jassi aditya all in big danger terrorists are goin to find them

  3. Wow that was a lot in one episode but still sumed sir ne Aisa kyu kiya … What’s his problem with the Gupta family ??

  4. I have a confusion where’s rahul gone pls can anyone tell me

  5. ik wat si his problem wid gupta family

  6. n cant believe dat sumedh is de mastermind.oh my god

  7. It’s all a plan to capture Ria and to make his father kill the political party leader that’s why sumed changed the place or may be sumed is acting and is the good in all this and playing his own game with the leader to know the real people behind the attacks by acting as one of them.

  8. 1.but there is someone who is sumeds boss
    becoz wen i watched one of the episodes b4 the hairstyle was different
    2.rahul came out last so in the talent round so he got disqualified

    1. yes i agree there is some one is sumedh boss maybe its the principal or shamsher rathi
      could abhid be in league with the terrorists n all did you see yesterday where jogi was calling out to abhid but abhid did not hear jogi and forcibly dragged amy with him (abhid) .
      but why did sumedh shoot assisstant bhaiya that was a shocker
      riya jogi amy abhid jassi aditya all in a very big danger terrorists after them

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