Parvarish 2 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi gets tired filling water into bucket by hanging reversely. Kulvinder gets sad. Simran also gets sad seeing Ria tired. She reminisces Raj’s word whatever the way of motivation is, end result is important. She cheers up Jass. Ria gets angry hearing Jassi’s name from Simran’s mouth andthinks she will not let Jassi win. Jassi with starts filling bucket again and even Ria. Simran thinks she wanted Ria get motivate and she is confident that her daughter will win. Everyone cheer up for Jassi. Coach count downs and shoots bullet in air to end game.

Volunteers measure water. Kulvinder sits facing opposite side. Raj asks him to turn as competition is finished. Kulvinder says he will not until Jassi’s name is announced. Simran says Jassi’s team

will win but thinks Ria’s team should win. Coach gathers all students and says he thought they would outperform, but they are below average. He announces team C as #1. Jealous girl taunts Jassi to go back to her village. Coach announces Ria’s team as #2. Ria and Jogi hug happily. Jogi then gets shy and says he got excited. Coach says 2 teams are left now and 8 people will return back home. He says #3 team is….Kulvinder prays god to protect his daughter. Jogi asks Jassi to be confident. Jealous student comments that garbage will be removed from this competition today, pointing at Jassi. Coach announces #3 team is… Jogi thinks why is he punishing everyone by delaying. Kulvinder gets more nervous and Raj encourages him. Coach Announces #3 is team A, Jassi’s. Kulvinder and Surinder hug each other and cheer up. Jealous student and Ria gets more jealous. Jogi praises Jassi and taunts Ria that Jassi will fulfill mammaji’s dream.

Surinder and Kulvinder run and hug Jassi happily and Kulvinder asks if she is hurt. Jogi says he is as he drove cycle. Kulvinder scolds him smiling. Surinder praises both children. Surinder taunts Kulvinder that he was looking everywhere except Jassi during competition. He says he could not see her falling, so he was worried for her and did not look at her till she won first round. He then praises Jogi’s bicycling skills. Ria runs and hugs Raj. Simran tries to hug, but she stops and says she can congratulate after she wins final round. Simran tells Raj at least she will win because of this.

Guddi complains Ria that competition was unfair and behenji was given entry. Jogi taunts her that loser always say same. Aditya joins Guddi, but Jogi taunts even her. Jogi then starts flirting with Ria.

Coach calls all students and divides them into team and taunts them that they were not up to the mark in last round. Jogi comments this round is education round and his sister will win. Coach explains rules of next round that competitor will be blindfolded and has to walk between obstacles. Then, computer will select partner and they have to cross obstacles together. He gives 15 min to get read.

Ria looks at Raj and smiles. He wishes all the best. Simran shows thumbs up, but Ria frowns. Simran getssad. Surinder asks her not to get sad as Ria is competing hard for her sake and she should smile. She then cheers up Jassi and Jopi. Jealous student gets jealous and tells friends she will break jassi and mammaji’s overconfidence. She tells coach that someone bullied her. He says ragging started even here and asks who did it. She says she does not remember names. She silently gets into computer room, bribes operator and says she will select her partner herself. He agrees.

Precap: Coac announces next competition’s rules.

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