Parvarish 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 1st May 2013 Written Update

@ JSE Industries
Raavi is searching for the people who had paid in cash in NDFC Bank. Sid comes to ask about any clue she has find. Raavi tells him the Mr. Tharani’s meet at Sun Shine Hotel at 5 ‘o clock with an employee from NDFC Bank. Sid offers that he will go to see who’s the employee with Mr. Tharani to cheat Jeet rather than Raavi herself going and wrapping herself in danger. She refuses this offer but agrees him to accompany her.

@ Lucky’s office.
Jeet reaches Lucky’s office to check the tax papers and transactions. Lucky hasn’t arrived yet so as the accountant.

@ Ahluwalis’s,
Dadu and Ginny are preparing Mattar Paneer [I guess] and Dadu is giving tips. Rocky and Lucky are plotting to make their hardship fail. Dadu and Ginny’s work is over and therefore

they keep the dishes in the refrigerator and go to play snake and ladders.

@ Lucky’s office
The accountant arrives and till Jeet has checked all the tax papers and is not happy with it. The accountant tells him to ignore it as they are the old papers and the main problem is with the current one. They then start discussing the work.

@ Ahluwalia’s
Ginny and Dadu are busy playing Ludo while Rocky and Lucky are all messing up the kitchen work. Once their spoiling with the dishes is finished, Rocky tastes it to ensure that it has spoiled. Ginny smells something fishy and that Lucky and Rocky are up to something but Dadu distracts her.

@ JSE Industries
In the office, Sid is in the thoughts to save Raavi from going at Sun Shine Hotel. He comes up with a plan to inform Raavi’s internship in JSE Industries to her family as she hasn’t informed anyone about that. Mr. Thadani is leaving the office to which Raavi guesses him to be leaving for Sun Shine Hotel. She enters Sid’s cabin to find no one and as she couldn’t be gone a minute, she texts him to arrive at the hotel directly and follows the trail of Mr. Thadani.

@ Sun Shine Hotel
Mr. Thadani reaches the hotel and waits in their restaurant for the person for whom their meet is decided. Raavi follows him. The person comes and while both of them are having a talk Raavi quickly captures a photo of them.

@ Ahuja’s
Jeet is having a talk with Lucky regarding the tax papers and its work and the door bell rings. Jeet opens the door to find courier with a letter of Raavi which Sid has sent. Jeet becomes happy to see Raavi’s first salary slip of Rs 3000/- and then shocks to see it from JSE Industries. He gets a call from somebody and rushes out tensed. Pinky arrives from her work and Sunny informs her about Jeet’s tensed behavior from reading the letter. Pinky tries to find that letter in vain. She also tries to call Jeet but to no avail. She calls Raavi to ask about Jeet and when Raavi is collecting proofs of Mr. Thadani’s meet, her phone rings but she hides herself and rejects the call. This tenses Pinky more and then she guesses Jeet’s tension due to their case’s hearing in the court the next day. She calls the lawyer to ask about some clues or files regarding the case and also about Jeet’s presence there. But he isn’t there, too.

@ Sun Shine Hotel
Raavi captures some more proofs and is about to leave when she is caught by Jeet. Jeet takes her out compelling. She tries to explain and Jeet cut shots her by showing her the salary receipt. She is shocked. She spots Sid and urges him to ensure Jeet that he is her boss and they do not work in JSE Industries. He reveals his shocking truth to her that he is Mr.Thadani’s son-the son of the company’s owner. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: PhoenixSnitch49

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