Parvarish 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 1st July 2013 Written Update

Sunny is telling Rocky that one of his friend has some problem and he is scared. Rocky does not understand. Ginny and Raashi speak about Sunny and Ipad. Sunny gets angry and goes to sleep.

Next day, Pinky is asking everyone to come home as Jeet has an important meeting. Pinky says sorry to Sweety again. Sweety tells she needs to apologise. They hug. Sunny is still lost in thoughts.

Jeet is waiting to meet the manager in a bank. It is Meera. She is behaving like manager and does not give an recognition to Jeet. She tells there is lot of mistakes in his report and she wants it completed in 2 days. Jeet is surprised with her behaviour.

Ahluwalias. Sweety gets a call from her friend who asks her to come to her daughter’s wedding in Guwhati. Sweety asks Lucky what to do. He asks

her to go as it her friend’s daughter’s wedding. Sweety asks how will kids manage. Lucky tells he will take care. Sweety reluctantly tells ok. Lucky is very happy that Sweety is leaving.

Jeet is telling Pinky about Meera. Sweety comes and tells about the wedding. Pinky and Jeet also asks her to go. Pinky asks Sweety to send Lucky, Ginny and Rocky to their house and she will take care. Sweety is satisfied.

Ginny is so happy that she is going to be with Raashi. Sweety is annoyed that everyone are happy she is leaving. Lucky manages telling kids become happy when they go to their relatives place. Rocky comes and tells he will stay in the house as he has admissions coming. Lucky tells he will also stay in the house. Sweety tells no as Lucky will eat outside food. Rocky tells he will take care. Lucky and Rocky plans and tells they will not do masti and will live like good friends. Both are happy.

Raashi is very happy that Ginny is coming. Sunny is still not in mood and cries alone.

Sweety is packing Ginny’s things. She asks her to take books to study. Ginny is not happy. Sweety is sad that everyone are happy that she is leaving.

Sunny is counting money. He has only 350. He asks Raashi to give 150. She asks him to give back with interest and gives him. He tells he wants to get some book and gives excuse when she asks.

Sweety is giving final instructions to Lucky. Ginny is happy that Sweety has kept things that she needed and hugs her. Sweety leaves and has tears as she is leaving the house.

In Sunny’s school, few boys bully him and ask him to give money. Sunny is very scared and is in tears

Precap: Those boys asks Sunny to tuck out shirt..removes his tie and bullies and laugh at him and runs away. Sunny is crying

Update Credit to: Shwets1502

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