Parvarish 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 19th February 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 19th February 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with a bhagjan ceremony taking place in Nanu’s house where all are present. Ginni and Raavi are singing. While Painky and Sweety is thanking GOD, Raavi is praying god to give her more strength to fight against all odds. Rocky asks God to make him a hero in front of Rinku. Nanu and Dolly plan that today they all will have their lunch together, but Sweety says they have left Rinku alone, Dolly tells her to bring Rinku here ,but Sweety replies she can’t come alone here as she is new to the city .Lucky says Rocky will bring her ,Rocky becomes happy hearing it,Raavi says she needs him to come with her at mall, as she needs to do some shopping.

Rinku and Ashok are romancing in a park ,where Rocky calls ,ashok is disturbed ,but Rinku takes the call and Rocky informs him

all want to meet her ,he is coming home to take her to Nanu’s home.But Rinku says she will come in Mall and he does not need to come .Rcky and Raavi go to the Mall,but Rinku gets late thanks to Ashok as he does not want her to leave.In between Ashok does call Rocky joker (:P).Rinku gets late and Raavi goes to the bookshop and comes when Pinky calls her to come soon as Lovely has not been able to arrange the caterers , Sweety,Pinky and Dolly needs to manage the lunch,she needs Raavi’s help. Raavi informs Rocky she is leaving, he shall wait for Rinku and brig her at Nanu’s home. While leaving Raavi notices Rinku hugging Ashok, She still now does not know Rinku.

In the mall Rinku tells Rocky that due to wrong direction and auto being slow she is late. Rocky tells her to go with him for the shoe shopping .In the shopping center, Rocky is doing her usual tharkipan,Rinku gestures Rocky ‘s screw to be loose to Ashok,Rocky notices that and asks her .She tells one kid was making face,so she did that to make that kid more angry.Rocky believes him,while Rinku thinks he is so dumb.

Pinky scolds Raavi why did she only buy books, she shall buy some cloths or jewellery .Raavi replies she loves books ..Pinky calls her “bookworm”. Sweety appreciates Rinku .Ginny gets jealous and says Sweety only appreciates Rinku, not her. Sweety says Ginny only does things after Sweety orders and she herself appreciate so no need for other people. All four starts smilling, Just then Sunny comes running that Rinku and Rocky have arrives, Raavi is excited to meet Rinku as she heard a lot about her .She waits to change all others go outside, Sweety introduces Rinku to all, while Rashi cannot remember where she saw her before, Raavi comes there and indentifies her to be the mall girl.

Rocky is outside Rinku’s home when Raavi tells her everything what she saw near mall.

Update Credit to: XVIRUS

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