Parvarish 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 18th February 2013 Written Update

episode starts with lucky praising raavi’s courage they have a hug. lawyer says i am srry you had to take case back. raavi says who said i had to take case back. you know lawyer RJ he is masi’s friend and it was his plan. Lucky says we have to leave now as RJ has kept a special hearing.
At court, whole ahuja, ahluwalia family comes in. pinky and raav hug. pinky says you or dad dont listen to me. good you didnt. pinky says you are not afraid of anyone. pinky says you both are my strength. lawyer says both raavi and rocky have tackled situation well. rocky says nothing would have happened raavi is jhansi ki raani and rocky is there superhero #1. lawyer says we all are proud. All culprits come to court and judge comes in as well. lawyer gives some paper to judge; to which judge replies

RJ present your case. He does… very nicely( but cant write it its really pure hindi for mee to translate srry guys i have bad hindi) but i will try what i can srry if i dont translate things properly.
RJ says those ppl threatened and kidnapped raavi then court gave them bail so that they can threatened again. There is some prosecution RJ presents inspected to become witness; he does give statement against culprits. Prosecutor tries to go in favor of culprits but doesn’t work. RJ says dont give bail to culprits. They call raavi to give a statement; she does very bravely. she describes whole incident. starting from watchmen story till end. she says i want insaaf. Raavi says if i dont get justice then no one will have justice to raise their voice.
other lawyer how could these 2 be related raavi answers nicely. lawyer says how are u so confident. RJ objects but its overruled. the judge says answer; she says what should i answer. she says i realized no one can help me i have to help myself. everyone is impressed. raavi says i am confident because i still believe in system. dont you want ppl to believe in system. other lawyer looks away. RJ once again gets up; i want every witness to get protection. he requests judge to change bail rules. everyone claps.
judge says i agree with you they will be reviewed. he says these culprits will be in jail. he says that you should give protection. the court is adjourned. All are happy. RJ takes raavi down and tells her tht i thought you might get scared. raavi said i thouhgt i should jst show my anger. RJ congratulates her.

Precap: paathsaala: raavi says i use to say i will be brave i showed tht says today not only me but even my parents have won.

Update Credit to: cool127

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