Parvarish 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 16th May 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Sunny and his friends seeing an experiment inthe chemistry lab from the window in the school and thinking it to be some kind of magic where paper is dipped in a liquid upon which it colour changes!
At ahluwalias Lucky calls Sweety to tell her that he has to go to Agra for work and will be back the next day. Sweety is angry as she does not want Lucky to get involved in other cities property works and she will have to handle everything here nad with rockys exams coming up, it will be so difficult to get him to study and then in her anger taunts him that he need not come home at all and can go sightsee Taj Mahal!
Sunny comes home from school and tells Pinky that he has no homework today to which Pinky asks the reason and just then Raashi comes and tells Pinky that he

was out from his class the whole day. Pinky asks about this to Sunny to which he replies his and teacher’s answer didnt match and thats why he was sent out of the class. Pinky asks about the question asked but Sunny doesnt remember it and Raashi makes fun of him and Sunny tells them that when he will bring money for Raavi’s fees then they will realise and goes to play. Raashi asks pinky if there is a problem regarding raavi’s fees to which pinly replies that sunny has the habit of saying anything and dismisses the matter but she herself becomes a little concerned.
At ahluwalias, sweety brings tea for her daadu but seeing her annoyed facedaadu asks her about matter. Sweety replies by saying that lucky has gone to agra and now she will have to handle everything and she doesnt like him going to agra when there is work in delhi itself. Daadu offers to help and says that he will take care of the kids studies to which sweety says that he doesnt know how hard it is to get rocky to study and he will fool you and in no time you both will be playing video game together! Daadu agrees to this just then bell rings and there is a courier- a big box. Sweety and daadu opens the box and finds loads of gifts in there for everyone. Sweety becomes happy as she thinks that they are sent by lucky from agra to make mends as they were annoyed with him. She tells daadu that lucly has never done such a thing and she is very happy.
At the school sunny’s friends have a comic book and they tell him that there is a Dr. Khanna who makes money from paper.
At ahlus, sweety serves dinner and on seeing sweets rocky asks from where they came. Sweety replies that they are sent by lucky with many other gifts also and shows of her earrings to them. Ginni says where are their gifts to which sweety has a condition that they will have to study 5 hours and earn the gifts.
At ahujas, sunny in his room is cutting strips of paper of the size of 100 rs. Note, just then raashi comes and he hides it under the blanket. Raashi offers to help him but he refuses and raashi apologise to him for telling pinky about him.

The next day at ahlus, sweety has made many delicacies and everyone is surprised to see that. Rocky tells that its because that lucky is coming home. Sweety tells them to eat as she has to go make the room so when lucly comes tired he could sleep comfortably.
Lucky comes and daadu starts singing teasing him. He is also surprised to see all the dishes and daadu tells him that they are all made by sweety for him.
At school, raashi comes to get sunny to go home but sunny lies to her saying that he has to complete his craft project and his friend’s dad will drop him afterwards.
Sunny is outside the chemistry lab and quietly goes inside and hides under the table and waits for the lab attendant to go out. Then he comes out and starts dipping the strips of paper in different chemicals to make money but nothing happens.
At ahlus, lucky goes into his room and is very surprised to see sweety all dressed up in a saree(she was looking beautoful!) and he is scared! Sweety tells her that whose husband is so caring for his wife and just to make her happy sends so many gifts for her how can she not be happy. Lucky is very much clueless as to what sweety is speaking and keeps staring at her. And with the flow lucky also says a shayari which impresses sweety!
Lucky comes down in search of the box and on findind it looks at it as to who has send it as he has not send it and thinks it would be in his interest to keep mum. Rocky notices him doing so and he becomes suspicious why lucky is looking at the box which he himself has send.
Here at school, raashi finds about sunny lie.

Sunny is busy mixing different chemicals and in doing so the tubes slip from his hand and lots of smoke is created which fills the room. The watchman notices the smoke coming out form the lab and runs to call help. Sunny in his panic breaks one more tube because of which a fire breals out. Sunny becomes very frightened and troes to put it put by pouring water and then extinguishes it. He is relieved and is going out of the lab but is caught by his teache
r, lab attendant and the watchman.

Precap :none

Update Credit to: nisaluvrk

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