Parvarish 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 16th January 2013 Written Update

kids are going to school with pinky and sweety when raavi saw the guard standing at the gate and staring at her. raavi told pinky about the warning the guard has given her at the time of leaving and showed them that the guard was standing at the gate. pinky is scared and decides to call papaji but sweety tells her that they will go to papaji’s house after taking the kids to the school.
at the school, raashi calls pinky to tell her that the guard is there and staring at her. pinky orders her to not come in the school bus instead she would herself come and pick them up from school. they all go to the police station to file a complaint against the guard but the inspector there rudely dismisses them by saying that they dont have any concrete evidence and hence they could not make a case against him.

everyone is at pinky’s house and is discussing what has to be done. sweety instructs rocky to be at raavi’s side every minute and tells that she will stay at pinky’s house for a few days and would take the kids to the school and pick them up herself. papaji lucky and raavi goes down and talks with the secretary to install cameras in the society.
at night sweety and raavi are talking and suddenly the lights goes out. raavi sees that the lights are coming in the corridor and in other people’s houses also. they both decide to go to the meter room to check the fuse and there they find that guard table again empty. sweety scolds the guard and they go and check the fuse to find that it has been taken out on purpose by someone. raavi fixes it there and sweety warns the guard to be more careful next time and sees someone in the corridor but ignores thinking it to be her illusion.
the next morning raavi is getting ready for school and takes the chilli spray with her to which sweety reacts by saying if someone attacks her suddenly she will not be able to use it so she would have to be more alert and attentive.

after school raavi and rocky are travelling in an auto and gets down at the bank where raavi has some work regarding her account. after the work she tells rocky that they should go to home. rocky asks her to wait for him for a minute but raavi tells him that she is going and goes and sits in the auto. the auto starts and raavi asks the driver to stop as she was just joking and that her brother would be coming with her but she sees that driver is actually the person who came at their house to steal. she is scared and then the guard comes and covers the gate of the auto and before raavi could scream rocky’s name the guard put a cloth on her mouth and she faints.

Update Credit to: nisaluvrk

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